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Chapter 13

PSYC 3480 Chapter 13: Psych of Women - Chapter 13

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PSYC 3480

Chapter 13 o Overall, rates of mental illness are almost identical for men and women o Gender diffs in the prevalence of specific mental disorders o Women have higher rates of ED, depression, and anxiety disorders o Men are more likely to have impulsecontrol, antisocial, and substance abuse disorders Factors Promoting Mental Health 1 Social Support Both receiving and giving social support plays an important role in maintaining good physical and mental health and helping people cope with stressful life events The association is especially strong for females Tendand befriend Women also use social support as a coping aid more readily than men Shelley Taylor women often respond to stress by tending to themselves and their kids and by forming ties with others (the tend and befriend response) Men in contrast, are more likely to show aggression or escape Repettis research mothers returning home after a stressful day at work were more caring and nurturant toward their kids, while stressed fathers were more likely to withdraw from their families or incite conflict What stimulates these different behaviours in females and males? Hormonal differences are partly responsible Cultural conditioning that prepares females for the role of caregiver and nurturer 2 Optimism An optimistic outlook the expectation that good rather than bad things will happen has been linked to a variety of positive mental and physical health outcomes, including longer life Optimists are more likely than others to deal actively with or find solutions to problems Optimism appears to protect women from some of the health risks associated with depression Mental Health in Childhood andAdolescence o Girls are more likely than boys to first manifest psych difficulties during adolescent years Internalizing Disorders in Girls o Adjustment problems more common in girls and women such as depression, anxiety, and social withdrawal are often labeled internalizing problems
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