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Chapter 10

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PSYC 3480
Noreen Stuckless

Chapter 10 Pregnancy Childbirth and Motherhood PregnancyThe Biology of Pregnancy o At the beginning of pregnancy the fertilized egg implants itself in the tissue that lines the uterus o Shortly after the fertilized egg has implanted itself the placenta begins to develop o The placenta which is connected to the growing embryo is an organ that allows oxygen and nutrients to pass from the mother to the embryoPhysical reactions during pregnancy o Although individual differences are great several common physical reactions to pregnancy include weight gain fatigue and nauseaEmotional reactions during pregnancy o Women vary greatly in their emotional reactions to pregnancy o Positive emotionsInclude feelings of excitement and wonderGrowing attachmentThe anticipated pleasure of motherhoodWomen who are characteristically optimistic are especially likely to adapt successfully to being pregnant o Negative emotionsSome women report their self image declines as their body grows biggerHealth worriesConcern about other peoples reactions they are categorized as pregnant women women who have no identity aside from the responsibility of a growing babyA womans overall responses to pregnancy depends on a variety of factors A Physical reactions to pregnancy B Whether the pregnancy was planned C Her relationship with the babys father D Her economic statusAttitudes Toward Pregnant women o When people interact with a woman who looks pregnant they tend to show hostile sexism if she is doing something considered nontraditional such as applying for a job
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