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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Women and Psychological Disorders.docx

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PSYC 3480
Noreen Stuckless

Chapter 12 Women and Psychological Disorders Depression  Person with major depressive disorder has frequent episodes of hopelessness and low self esteem  Women are more likely to experience depression  Around the time of puberty, females begin to reporting more depression symptoms than male  Characteristics of depression A. Emotional symptoms B. Cognitive symptoms C. Physical symptoms D. Behavioral symptoms  Women who are depressed are especially likely to have low self esteem, traditional feminine gender typing and little sense of control over their own lives  Explanations for gender difference in depression o Biological factors do not convincingly explain why women are more depressed o Gender differences in seeking therapy: women are more likely to seek therapy o Diagnosis biases in therapists: therapists tend to equate healthy adults with healthy adult men. Therapist over diagnose depression in women o Gender discriminations against women o Abuse and violence o Poverty o Housework o Emphasis on physical appearance o Women’s relationships: women are more likely than men to feel responsible for making sure that their interpersonal relationships are going well o Rumination: women often respond differently from men when they are experiencing a depressed mood. They contemplate on the possible causes and consequences of their emotions, called ruminative style of response. Body Weight and Eating Disorders The Culture of Thinness  Culture of thinness: tendency where females think they are overweight even if they are appropriate weight Objectified Body Consciousness and Body Dissatisfaction  Objectified body consciousness is when a female tends to view herself as an object that can be looked at and judged by other people  Females more likely than males to view their bodies as objects and to be dissatisfied with their bodies Women of Color and Body dissatisfaction  White women were somewhat more dissatisfied with their bodies than Black Women  White, Asian, Latina women have the same levels of body dissatisfaction  Fat studies argues that we live in a fat hating culture, ad that we need to rethink our approach to body weight Body Weight and Dieting  Fear of being overweight is a major factor in developing an eating disorder Eating disorders  The major symptoms of these eating disorders occur on a continuum of severity  Anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder represent the most extreme end of that continuum  A person with anorexia nervosa has an extreme fear of becoming obese; people with this disorder have a distorted body image  One medical consequence of anorexia nervosa is amenorrhea and also osteoporosis  Bulimia nervosa is able to maintain a normal body weight but she has frequent episodes of binge eating and typically uses inappropriate methods to prevent weight gain.  Binge eating disor
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