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Chapter 11

Women and Physical Health Chapter 11.docx

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PSYC 3480
Noreen Stuckless

Women and Physical Health The Health Care and Health Status of Women Bias Against Women  Women are neglected in medicine and medicine research  Gender stereotypes are common in medicine o Many physicians believe women’s complaints are less serious than men, and they believe women cannot understand professional info about their medical problems  Medical care provided to women is often inadequate(too much or too little) o Surgical procedures are performed too often  Physical-patient communication patterns often make women feel relatively powerless Gender Comparisons In Life expectancy  Women live about 5 years longer than men  May be due to biological, social, and environmental factors  Women visit health care providers more often Gender Comparisons in Overall Health  In NA, women have a disadvantage with respect to morbidity, which is defined as generalized poor health or illness  Research shows women are more likely than men to have health problems How Social Class influences U.S. Women’s Health  Men are more likely to have private health insurance  Women of color are especially likely to receive second class health care Health Issues for Women in Developing Countries  Lack of Access to health care  Female Genital Mutilation  Cardiovascular Disease, breast cancer, and other specific health problems o Cardiovascular disease  Frequent cause of death  Men are likely to experience heart disease earlier than women but women run about the same risk by the time they reach 75 years of age  More black women die of heart disease than white women o Breast cancer  Black women less likely to develop breast cancer, but actually have a higher death rate from it  Lumpectomy- done when breast cancer is in early age, cancerous lumps are removed by surgery  Reproductive System Cancer and Hysterectomies o Cervical cancer affects the lower portion of the uterus o Hysterectomy- surgical removal of a woman’s uterus  Osteoporosis o Bones become less dense and fragile o Women roughly four times more likely to develop than men Women with Disabilities Backg
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