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Chapter 2


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PSYC 3480

Some obvious stereotypes include ____________ others are less prominent such as ___________ - ethnicity, origins, family income, age; persons birth order, amount of education, and political beliefs ___________are assumptions we associate with particular groups of people – stereotypes where as _____________are beliefs we associate with females and males - stereotypes; gender stereotypes ________is an emotional reaction or attitude toward a particular group of people where as ___________is a biased treatment of a particular group of people – prejudice; discrimination Chris believes that women aren’t very smart is an example of ________ - stereotype Chris doesn’t like female lawyers is an example of – prejudice Chris wont hire a women for a particular job is an example of ______ - discrimination ________includes all three terms of gender stereotypes, gender prejudice, and gender discrimination – gender bias __________believed that women could not develop fully as rational beings – Aristotle ___________believed the function of women was to please men and to be useful to them – Rousseau __________stated that women should have equal rights and equal opportunities - Mill ____________stated “nature inteneded women to be slave…..” - Napolean Men are the standard of comparison where as women are the second sex is defined as _________ - androcentricism or normative-male problem ________refers to the use of masculine nouns/pronouns to refer to all human beings - muscline generic/ androcentric generic According to a study conducted by John Gastil it showed that _________ - masculine generic terms produce more thoughts about males than gender neutral terms In a study by Briere and Lanktree students who saw the gender neutral version of the paragraph rated psychology more appealing career for ________ - women The stereotyped representations of women confirm themes _________ - theme 2 (differential treatment of women) and theme 3 (invisibility of women) Eight conclusions about women in the media include - women are invisible, are inaudible, shown seldom working outside home, shown doing housework, men and women represented differently, womens bodies used differently, women of color underrepresented and shown in a biased way, lower social class women underrepresented and shown biased Media can influence peoples - cognitive performance According to Hurtz and Durkins research with students listening to radio ads that were either gender neutral or gender stereotyped they found that people who heard the gender stereotyped ads remembered _________ - a great number of stereotyped personality characteristics The term __________emphasizes concern for your relationship with other people and include terms such as warm and gentle and are stereotypically associated as ________ - communion; feminine The term ________describes concern with your own self interests and is stereotypically associated with ________ - agency; masculinity Womens scores in agency has been ___________over the last 20 years - increasing We create ______within each gender stereotypes such as ________ - subtypes;good women and bad women Scholars who study ethnicity note that ________are stereotyped as either warm or sexless “mammies” - black women _________are portrayed as either chaste, self sacrificeing virgins or sexually promiscuous - latina women __________are seen as either shy, submissive young women or as threatening and manipulative dragon ladies - Asian American women According to the stereotype associated with Native American women it is said they are _________ - no research has been systematically studied According to research it shows that people in many different cultures __________gender stereotypes - share similar __________are when you are aware that you are being tested - explicit gender stereotypes __________are automatic stereotypes you reveal when not aware that your gender stereotypes are being assessed - implicit gender stereotypes Implicit gendere stereotypes are assessed and studied through procudre known as _________ - implicit association test According to the IAT test participants respond ________to the stereotype consistent pairings than to stereotype inconsistent pairings - significantly faster Three components of prejudice are ___________
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