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Chapter 5

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York University
PSYC 3480

5 specific cautions relevant to gender comparisons - biased samples influence results, peoples expectations influence results, if measure some ability and compare graph for men and women it will overlap, researchers seldom find gender differences in all situations, cognitive gender differences not large enough to be relevant for a persons career choice Almost all research on cognitive abilities focuses on college students is an example of - biased samples _____________tells how many people in a sample receive each score - frequency distribution when two distributions show small overlap this tells us that the two distributions are _________ - very different Gender differences often __________when we test certain kinds of people or looking at certain situations - disappear Engineering requires high spatial skills and according to research men score higher therefore better off being engineers is an example of - how cognitive gender differences are not large enough to be relevant for persons career choice _____________research read through all appropriate studies on given topic and draw a conclusions based on tallies but this approach often produces _________ - box score/ counting approach; ambiguous tallies ___________provides statistical method for combining numerous studies on a single topic which yields a number known as ___________- metanlysis; effect size An effect size closer to zero means - less difference According to Janey Hyde a close to zero range is _______a small effect size is ________a moderate effect size __________and a large effect size is - less than .11; .11-.35; .35-.65; higher than .65 Cognitive abilities that show no consistent gender differences include - general IQ and complex cognitive taks __________earn higher scores on memory tests such as remembering events, recognizing faces, recalling details abt persons hair and clothing - women __________score higher on a small number of verbal tasks - women _________somewhat better in verbal fluency which is __________ - females;naming objects that meet certain criteria According to Hyde and Linns research on verbal ability the effect size was - very small slightly favoring females _________more likely to have language problems - males Reading disability refers to - poor reading skills that are not accounted for by the level of general IQ In mathematics ability there is __________ but _______perform better in math section of SAT - males; gender similarity According to Meridith Kimball ________perform better when dealin with familiar situations such as exams on material covered in maths where as __________perform better in unfamiliar sutuations such as SAT math sections - females; males A test has high vailidity when - it measure what it suppose to measure _______________include understanding, perceiving, and manipulating shapes and figures - spatial abilities _________requir
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