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Chapter 7

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York University
PSYC 3480

Working women refers to two cateogries - employed women and nonemployed women __________are women who work for pay ___________are women who are not paid for their work and may do work in their families or for volunteer organization - employed women; nonemployed women The number of employed of women has ____________ since 1970 - increased Number of women has increased in occupation that were once reserved by men such as ___________ - medical schools, law schools One of the best predictors of womens employement ____________ - educational background Immigrant women are likely to find _____________ - low paying work in the assembly line or domestic setting Two factors that are not related to employment are __________ - parental status and ethnicity The _____________was creatd to provide welfare payments for children whose parents could not supply economic support - Aid to families with Dependent Children The AFDC was replaced with ____________which includes many regulations that jeopardize economically poor women - Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Women in the TANF are discouraged from ____________ - pursuing education beyond high school level ______________are more likely to live in poverty and children are likely to have ___________problems - women without college degree; cognitive and behavioural _________refers to discrimination used in hiring such as rejecting, well qualified women applicatns or offering them less attractive jobs Some factors that determine women face access discrimination include - evaluators hold strong stereotypes, womens qualifications are ambiguous or is too assertive, when position is prestigious, and when job is appropriate for males ___________is when an employer ignores characteristics relevant to the executive position and beliefs about gender roles and characteristics spread to the work setting - gender role spillover one way to reduce access discrimination and other gender biases in the work place is through - affirmative action ____________means that an employer must take special efforts to consider qualified members of underrepresented groups during hiring as well as decision about salary and promotion - affirmative action most often the underrepresented groups are - women and people of color Affrimative action specifies two things - companies must encourage applications from the underrepresented groups based on ethnicity and gender and companies must take good faith effort to meet the affirmatitve action goals they have set Some people think that affirmative action will produce _________in which a woman would be hired instead of a more highly qualified man - reverse discrimination ____________refers to the discrimination that women encounter after they have obtained a job such as salary discrimination, promotion discrimination, etc - treatment discrimination Salary discrimination _________be explained by gender differences in education - cannot Women earn _________salaries at every educational level - lower The concept of __________is when men and women tend to choose different occupation - occupational segregation The general strategy behind comparable worth is __________ - to pay the same salary for mens jobs and womens jobs that match on characteristics such as education, experience, and skills The example of a women with a bachelors degree who works with children in a day care center should earn a larger salary than a mechanic with a high school degree can be explained by - comparable worth W
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