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Chapter 2

Psych of Women Chapter 2

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PSYC 3480

9¾n–€J¯° [email protected]Ŷ[email protected]@9-- °f¾¾!"–"!¾!Ŷ@°#¾$!€J¯°°¾!nfnn"°!¾ O 9¾ţ€ €¯°¾¾°¾ O !f¾°€°––fnf –f°,f ¯¾ţ¯°fnf €–°f¾Ť ¾¯f°€°f½°¾ O @f€°¯¾¾°–€¯¾!¾–nf¾¯°€n¾f¯f°f! nf€€f¯ O ÿ!€¯¾¾°–°€¯f°f¯° 4 ÿ€fn¾Ÿf¯°°–# 4 f¾Ÿ$f¯°¯€f– f°f°°¯¾€¯¾ 4 –°f°½ n¾ O 9 ¾½¾f½nf ½n¯°f¾°€¯° °f¾¾°–°f°,!– % J¯°f 4 J¯°nf°°–f¯¯° &% J¯°f€°–¾n¾¾¾Ŧ 4 J¯°nf°nf¾¾½ ¾Ŷ !n¾ )% J¯°f¾Ŧ 4 J¯f°nf°f ¾¾f°¾f° ¾½nf °°°–¾¯f n ° O @,f¾n °°n 4 @¯¾¾¾n€¯f ¾¯f°€f° +¯Ŷ¾n–¾f°– ¾°¾f€¾f° – ¾ 4 ¯f¾n °–°n¯¾f°–°°f å ¾¯¾ff¯f¾n °f¾¾n¯f ¾f°€¯f ¾ 4 f¾ ƌ¾¾fn°¯°f ¯f–¾ å D¾¯f Ŵ°f¾ f¾–°Ŵ°f ¯¾¾€½½ ¾¯°f ¯f–¾ ¾f¾€¯f ½°°¾ 4 ¾fn°nfnn¾ 4 ¾€°––°Ŵ°f f°–f– °f¾¾°!,f O R½.½¾°f°¾ Ŧ J¯°f f °¾ Ŧ 4 J¯°f°½¾°°¯f &Ŧ J¯°f f °f Ŧ 4 D¾f ° ¾°f¾ţf¯f ¾n )Ŧ J¯°f¾ ¯¾°!°–¾¯Ŧ /Ŧ J¯°f¾°°–¾!Ŧ 0Ŧ J¯°f°¯°f½¾°€€° Ŧ Ŧ J¯°¾¾f¾€€° €¯¯°¾¾Ŧ 1Ŧ J¯°€n f°½¾°ţf°f€°¾°°f½fn f f¾fŦ 2Ŧ ÿŴ¾nf Ŵn f¾¾¯°f°½¾°ţf°f€°¾°°f½fn f f¾ fŦ O @€€n¾€¾½½¾°f°¾ 4 .€ n°–f°°€ °n°–f 4 @¯f¾€ nf °¾½nf¯°°¯nff°¯° f¯ ! ¾!ţf ¾¾°€ nf °¾¯f¾½n¾¾nf¾ ¯°¾¾¾°–f°f °¾ f–¾½°°–°–¾¾¯ ¾ 4 @¯fnf°f ¾°€ °nf 3°f°–ff%Ŷf€°–¾½f¾ţ¯° f°¯° ¾¾€¯°¾¾f°¯°f ¾ ¾¾°¾° f¾½ ¾ å f¾f° €¾ å °Ŵ f¾ å –°½€¯f°n !!½¾f$"!J¯°f°,°¯€€°!!°n"½¾ O °f°°nn¯°nfff€–°¾½¾Ŧ O ¾½¾°–°Ŵ°nnf–¾ O ¾½¾°€ °n 4 –° 4 °n 4 n ¯½n!°!!½¾ O $½ n¾Ŧ!¯½ n°R½¾ 4 $½ n–°¾½¾ţf¾¯°°ţf!°f¾½½ °ffff f°–¾Ŷ¾¾¾½°¾¾f–°f€¾¯¯f°¾f ½¾°f¾nf fnn½f f°¾ff°f°°¾f°¾ 4 !¯½ n–°¾½¾ff¯fn¾½¾f °f°fff –°¾½¾f°–f¾¾¾¾ 4 @¾½€¾fn¾f ¾¾!¯½ n¾¾nf°@¾[email protected]% O !¯½ n¾¾nf°@¾[email protected]% 4 ¾½Ŵn°¾¾°½f°–¾¾Ŧ¾½Ŵ°n°¾¾°½f°–¾ 4 ¾fn¾€°f½fn½f°¾€f¾€°f¾¾½°¾½n°¾¾° ½f°–¾ff°°n°¾¾°Ŷ½½ € n¾°––°¾½¾°¯½ n¯f¾¾ @¯½(!€°!¯½f(¾¯ O ¾@fJ¯°¾¯½°n 4 J¯°¾n¯½°n¾ ! f ť å °¯f ¾f°–f f°– å °½fn½f°¾ff°f f¾ å ° °€¯f°¾ff f ff½¾°¾6f €nf°¾ å f¾¯f¾°–¾°f¯f°¾fn°–°f¾½nf ¯f¾n °€f¾° 4 °€¯° å @¾¾nf¾€f¯°fn¾¾½nf ţ°f¯¾ ! °–°–n¯ fn¾¾f¾½¾f¾ţ€f¯°fn¾f––¾¾ f°f¾¾ţf¾°f¾ °–f O ¾@fJ¯°¾9 f¾f°°¾¾ 4 9½ °°!€¯°f¾°n¯½°ţţ½ f¾f°f°°n 4 J¯°Ǝ¯° å !°¾¯nf¾
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