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Chapter 11

Psychology of Women Chapter 11.docx

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PSYC 3480
Noreen Stuckless

1 Psychology of Women Chapter 11 Women and physical health Health psych o Interdisciplinary area in psych looking at causes for illness, treatments, , prevention, improvements Why study health n women o 1. gender makes a diff in the kinds of illness that ppl experience Obvious diff. Risk ovarian vs. prostate cancers And more subtle- more fats to women than liquid in men; alcohol metabolism o 2. Gender makes diff in way disease diagnosed n treated Likelihoods Diff symptoms in same disease Topic for women sometimes become invisible-osteoporosis o 3. Illness is an important part of womans experience Chronic illnesses, elder women, Health care and health status of women Biases vs. women o Biased usually vs. women o Physicians and patients mistreated o Discrimination on decrease due to more med school girls o Biases: Cautions: 1. Not every doc is biased vs. women 2. Some female docs are not feminists 3. Some male docs are feminists o 1.women have been neglected in medical research Omit reproduction sometimes 4x likely to be pictured men Assume identicalness Studies include no or few women I.e. aspirin different to women 1990s changed to conduct for all; more visible o 2. Gender stereotypes are common in medicine Complaints not as serious in women presumed; too emotional instead Advertisements to men Keep women from seeking proper attn o 3. Medical care provided to women is often irresponsible or inadequate Sometimes too much care 2 Surgery performed too often Medical profession emphasizes women reproductive systems Less likely than men to receive diagnostic testing or surgical treatment for same artery conditions o 4. Physician- patient communication patterns often make women feel powerless Patients interrupted Discourages asking Qs Some dont see any gender diff. In receiving conversation with docs Gender comparisons in life expectancy o Mortality-death rate in all ethnic groups 79; small but consistent o Women live longer because biological, social, environment o X chromosome may protect from some health problems o Suicide, homicide, war, motors more likely to kill men o Men eat more salty/fatty foods o More works conditions o Aids for men worse o Women visit, more attuned, sensitive to probs, male more tough no minor symptoms o Women consult earlier Gender comparisons in overall health o Morbidity worse for women Poor health or illness Women more obese, anxious, anaemia, respiratory illness, More likely lifelong illness, headaches, fatigue, Women more likely to have fatal diseases associated with old age Morbidity assessed by self report Womens are primary victims of rape 22 mill abused in lifetime Elder women more likely to be abused Social class influences us womens health o Measured by occupation, education, income, o Correlated with morbidity and mortality o Quality of health care o Should focus on prevention rather than care o Some women do not have care in US o Private insurance best health care benefits o Women of colour likely to receive second class insurance care o Low income housing usually has less hospitals and good healthy activities o Psychological negative thinking also gives effect o Men+ women feel effects of direct and indirect effects of social class3 Health issues for women in developing countries o More severe o Wont even meet docs o Females especially likely to suffer o Boys more likely than girls in India to get treatment o Women have inadequate nutrition o Dying during childbirth o Genital mutilation/cutting: Removing their genitals and clitoris Blood and urine to exits only Conflict of culture and health Usually 4 to puberty Unsterilized or roks used Makes genitals culturally cleaner Reduces polygamy CVS breast cancer specific health problems o Cvs most common death in women heart attacks, strokes, more deadly than all forms combined cancers myth is that men disease is cvs only] men just more likely to experience it early at 75 same risk to men black more likely to die than whites from it
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