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Chapter 15

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Noreen Stuckless

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1 Psychology of Women chapter 15 Moving onward  Future of psychology of women; relatively young  Increasing number of women in psychology o Now 69% of all PhD’s o 705 of fulltime students o Gender still favours males, however approaching equality o Many women doesn’t guarantee any feminist discipline o Men and women have same stereotypes about gender; growing women does however change things  Developing a more inclusive psychology of women o Research is focused on middle class educated women though o European, heterosexual, non disabled o Recently have moved away o Much has been comparison between those groups and ‘’normative’’ o Many look for what they suspect only; alc in aboriginals  Women of colour and feminist movement o Black feminists  Many don’t feel connected with feminism  Report different lives as opposed to whites  More economically challenged  Don’t feel with racist whites  Black women may not wanna criticize black men  Feminism draws away from racism which men think more important  Don’t label selves as feminists as much o Latina feminists  Less likely to know about it unless live in western us. Chicanca movements  Chicanca feminism has a longer history than thought of  Question self traditional roles  Would need to address race, class, and gender  Males misinterpret as a threat-label them as vendidas; sellouts;acting like whites o Asian feminists  Required to be passive, invisible, supportive of men  Do not fit in with westerns  Use indirect changes rather than direct  Community member likely to criticize them 2  Critics accuse of ruining relationships b.w. men n women that’s been working  Many are not familiar; likely if just moved  Feminism needs specific need not imposing views o All are writing how important it is to be involved o Social justice  Men’s movement o Intro  Men’s studies- collection of scholarly activities that focus on men’s lives  Emphasize gender roles associations sexism problems and gender roles conflicts  Also study maladaptive areas i.e. health and psych problems  Men of colour not likely to seek help  No unitary single men’s movement  3 strands of movement  1.profeminists  2.mythopoetic movement  3. Religiously oriented approached o 1. Profeminist  Eliminate destructive aspects of gender such as violence, discrim, inequalities  Grew out of feminism  Strict roles can ruin both men n women  Oppose sexual exploitation of women  Nomas- largest men’s association; spsmm as well  Mission statements:  Promotes critical studies of gender shapes and constricts men’s lives  Is committed to enhancement of men’s capacity to experience their full human potential  Endeavours to erode constraining defs of masculinity which inhibit men’s development/oppression of others/relationships  Supports gays women’s groups, people of colour  Contend against narrow vies and show healthy relationships jobs etc in equality  Can serve as allies- provide support to groups other than their own  White ribbon campaign worked against male violence o Myopoetic approaches 3  Focus on myths and poetry to develop own spiritual growth  Join groups in forest and focus on men’s psych probs, roles,  Believe that pros focus too much on women not on own men’s problems  Pros however think that’s myo’s are too white middle classed  Represents the most powerful cohort in America  Have
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