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Chapter 9

adult development and aging chapter 9

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PSYC 3490
Heather Jenkin

1 Chapter 9 Adult developmenty Social Cognition y Basic cognitive abilities and social cognition o Processing capacityInfo processing models to describehow ppl make social judgmentsGilbertnon biased judgment depends on cognitive demandOlder adult may have lower levels of cognitive processing resources and use them less efficientlyDecline in resource capacity affect social judgment o Impression formationHesscognitive resources influence social judgment by examining impression formationthe way ppl form and revise first impressionsStudy found all participants changed their judgments for oldersnew negative info they were willing to give a better first impression Less willing to modify though after initial judgmentOlder rely more on life experiences and social rules in impressions as opposed to younger who focus on consistency and new info presentedOlder use negativity biasdo not correct initial impression bc negative info is more striking to themhard inhibiting stereotypes tooOther study young adults more likely to distinguish bw Trait that referred to the initial behaviour and those that didntHess older less likely to use specific info for impression it would overwork their processes ie there are working memory declines in age o Knowledge accessibility and social judgementsPrevious experiences stored in memorysocial knowledgeWe draw implicit theories of personality of othersfrom experience with pplAccessibility to this info depends on strength of info storedAccess can explain social judgment age diffs older rely on easier processinitial Framing effectwhen info you just processed influences subsequent social judgments frame the sitch positively b4 a judgmentCan influence decision Shcwarz smithmanipulating this can modify judgmentsProcessing capacitydegree to which processing resources are available during a cognitive task y Social knowledge structures and social beliefs o StereotypesNegative stereotypes of aging is pervasiveIncludeimpotent male unattractive female vain male disinterested female innocence of second childhood etc
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