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Chapter 11

adult development and aging chapter 11

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York University
PSYC 3490
Heather Jenkin

Chapter 11 Adult Development Relationships y Relationship types and issues o Friendships y Help us develop self esteem awareness choicesy Adult friendships emotional basis shared communal nature of activities sociability and compatibilityDevelopmental aspects of friendships y More numbers in young adulthood than any marriage shrinks number late in life still important y Even with disability many maintained y Elder satisfaction not related to quality or quantity but number of contacts with friends y Young adult who supported at stage of autonomy had better rs y Mutuality is crucial aspect bc allows balance of indebtedness over time and variety of way as aglobal reciprocity y Older tend to have fewer rs in generalchange in social behaviour y Socioemotional selectivity social contact motivated by variety of goals including info seeking self concept and emotional regulation y Info seeking predominant in younger adults emotional regulation for older balance in midlife y Those who cope well with aging including disability have rich social networkGender differences in friendships y Wbase on intimate and emo discussing matters y Mshared activities and interests dont confide much compete o Sibling relationships80 older have one sibling baby boom rising divorce ratesMost common and enduring rsCongenialclose avg contactLoyalavg closeness low envyIntimate high closeness low envyApathetic low low lowHostile high involvement and resentment low closeness envyLoyal and congenial23 of all older siblingsTies bw sister strongest most common intimateBrother less contact intimate Strongest ties in adol And late life
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