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Chapter 12

adult development and aging chapter 12

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PSYC 3490
Heather Jenkin

1Chapter 12 Adult Development Work Leisure and retirement y Occupational choice and development o Meaning of workMain purpose to earn some for a sense of worthOccupational prioritieswhat ppl want from employment reflect culture and the times in which ppl live as well a quality of workplaceJob strainbalance of psych demands and amount of controlBlue collar found job strain affected retirement decisionMost strain more likely to retire than feeling lessExpectation way out more options al determine itKey element of identity social role anchor in complementing love rs o The changing nature of workOnes job consists of certain set of tasks that must be performedGlobalization results in changes in number available quality job changeWomen and elder found it very hard to find more part time downsizecutsMarket changes more skills needed more training current and new techMean age is 39 greying workforce most have no mandatory retirementIn 2021 one in seven will be 5564 o Occupational choiceMore adults changing it up personal choices social clocks age pressure personality Hollands theory of occupational choice y Life course perspective trait factors approach s y 6 themes o Realisticphysical labour o Investigativetask oriented thinking scientist o Socialskilled verbally and interpersonal teacher councillorsocial worker o Conventionalverbal structure bank teller traffic manager o Enterprisingusing verbal in power ceo o Artisticexpression artists poet writer y Ppl optimize fit in traits and occupational interests satisfied y Very deterministic y Wongcultural context needed to be studied family financial pressure y Gender ethnicity economic factors not considered o Occupational developmentMoving up the ladder labelsSupers theory
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