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Chapter 11

Ch. 11 - Correlating Variables.pdf

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PSYC 3525
Josee Rivest

Ch. 11 - Correlating Variables Sunday, March 3, 20134:10 PM PSYC2520:Introductionto ExperimentalPsychology BeginningBehavioralResearch:A ConceptualPrimer(7thed. 2012)Rosnow& Rosenthal Chapter11:CorrelatingVariables(pp. 204-214) What aredifferentforms of correlations? • Correlation coefficient-- a single number indicating the strength of association between two variables (X and Y) • Linearity-- correlations that reflect the degree to which mutual relations between X and Y resemble a straight line ○ Pearson's r is a standard index of linear relationship, with the possible values running from -1.0 to +1.0 • Continuous vs. discreet (dichotomous) variables ○ Continuous-- a value can fall between any two adjacent scores (e.g., age) ○ Dichotomous-- the variable is divided into two distinct or separate parts (e.g., gender) • Forms of correlations: ○ Pearson r-- two continuous variables, such as the correlation of scores on the SAT with GPA after 4 years of college ○ Point-biserial r ( )-- one continuous and one discreet variable, such as the correlation of subjects' gender with their performance on the SAT ○ Phi coefficient (Φ)-- two discreet variables, such as the correlation of subjects' gender with their "yes" or "no" responses to a specific question ○ Spearman rho ( )-- Two ranked variables, such as the correlation of the ranking of the top 25 college basketball teams by sports writers (Associated Press ranking) with the ranking of the same teams by college coac
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