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Chapter 7

PSYC 3550 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Divergent Thinking

Course Code
PSYC 3550
Jennifer Hunter

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College students’ views of the creative process
Creativity: the person, process, product, and press/environmental
The creative process emphasizes the way in which creative products are
produced, not the products themselves
The only effective training has been that that stresses the cognitive
processing activities that underlie creative efforts
Common in multiple courses
o Open-ended projects
o Generation of novel ideas
o Challenging assumptions
o Problem-solving, problem finding
o Examination from multiple points of view
Different faculties have different factors that are most important in
generating creativity
o Keep an open mind, ambiguity, iterative process, reward for
creativity, lead by example, learning to fail, envouraging risk,
search for multiple answers, internal motivation, ownership of
learning (internal motivation is the only one form the
engineering program)
o Engineering students valued creativity but felt the instructors
did not and vice versa
o Humanity students- all but ambiguits and learning to fail
o Sciences- 6/10
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