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Chapter 8

PSYC 3550 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Divergent Thinking, Fluid And Crystallized Intelligence, Extraversion And Introversion

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PSYC 3550
Jennifer Hunter

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Does Insight Problem Solving Predict Creativity?
Divergent thinking predicts both quantity of creative achievements and
quality of creative performance
The role of insight problem solving in creative achievements and
everyday creative behaviors
o Does problem solving performance translate to creativity?
Remote Associates Task (RAT): Determine a word that 3 unrelated words
have in common
o Solutions often spontaneously occur outside of conscious
awareness (unconscious processes are at work)
Insight problem solving correlates with divergent thinking fluency and
intelligence (which predict creative achievement)
Study 1: CAQ, Insight problems, NEO Five Factor Inventory (Personality)
o Significant effect of insight on achievement in drama
o Openness to Experience, extraversion, agreeableness (negative)
o Insight problem solving is unrelated to real-world creativity
Study 2: Fluid Intelligence: whether real-world creativity is related to
controlled (Gf) or unconscious (insight) thought process
o Insight does not predict CAQ or BICB
o Gf predicted creative achievement (not insight)
o Openness to experience= CAQ and BICB
o Ability to solve insight problems is unrelated to real-world
Therefore creativity involves controlled, strategic thought processes
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