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Chapter Wholeeness

PSYC 3550 Chapter Notes - Chapter Wholeeness: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Dymaxion Map, The World Game

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PSYC 3550
Igor Kusyszyn

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Wholeness; Personality, Mood & Creativity; Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation &
Wholeness Chapter 2: Buckminister Fuller
“Education for Comprehensively”
Fuller believed that we must teach the whole, not parts as our current education
systems do
Whole--> particulars and their interconnections
Was against specialization in education
Generalized Principles
Vital holistic principles that “evolution is employing and trying to make clear to us”
process of doing more with less
Fullers geodesic dome is an example of this principle- requires 3% of the weight of a
conventional building of equal span
Fuller felt that nature had the best methodology- based the geodesic dome on the
mathematically principles nature employs; geodesic dome-like structures are found in
crystals, virus molecules, eyeballs, golfballs, epcot etc
two geometrical systems which, oriented perpendicular to each other, reveal a new
system or geometric relationships
side of effects are the main effects eg. you take the creativity class to get a grade but
end up improving the world with your project
Eternally Regenerative Universe
Entropy: “the inexorable course of the gradual running down of the energy of the
Syntropy: complementary to entropy
designed-in syntropic properties of humans involve wanting to cultivate the soil, care
for animals, create, nurture
Spaceship Earth
coined to convey the sense of Earth as a system in which everything is connected “the
fuller projection”
“a one world island of unbroken contour in a one-world ocean”
maps are not just drawings, they are philosophical symbols
The World Game
a Fuller projection would be displayed, with information about the world’s known
inventory of resources and needs, demographics, weather patterns, toxic emissions
data, etc displayed in moving patterns as changes occurred
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