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Chapter 2

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PSYC 3670
Guy Proulx

Chapter 2 study guide 1. What are the basic structures of the neuron a. Dendrites b. Cell body c. Nucleus d. Axon hillock e. Axon f. Myelin sheath g. Buttons 2. What are the three type of neurons a. Multipolar b. Bipolar c. Monopolar 3. What are the differences between the 3 a. Monopolar has myelin from and to the soma b. Both the monopolar and bipolar have their cell body in conduction zones c. Multipolar has the soma in the input zone 4. What is shape categorization of neurons a. Multipolar, bipolar, monopolar 5. What about the sizes of neurons a. Large: pyramidial, purkinje, golgi type 1) b. Small (granule, stellate, golgi type 2) 6. What are the different f
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