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Chapter 3

Child Development - Chapter 3 - Notes.docx

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PSYC 4010
Tifrah Warner

Child Development: Thinking about Theories Chapter 3: pg 45-49; 52-54; 58-59 A rainbow is more than the sum of its colours: beginning of organicism Introduction  Organicism – growing organism – development influenced by mutual influence and the patterning of its parts  Draws a lot from evolutionary theory Background ideas  Gestalt theory – influenced organicism theorizing (Kohler and Koffka)  Kohler – animals and humans learn through “insight”  Functionalism – James (influenced by Darwin)  Ames – visual illusions  Gibson – perception; differentiation  Affordances – objects perceived depend on their meaning to the organism  Positivistic-mechanistic-reductionistic approach – von Bertalanffy – robot model of man – first part of 21 century  Relationship between parts and its whole  Open vs. closed systems Heinz Werner and the orthogenetic principle  His views were influenced by Gestalt psychology – development process of formation  Orthogenetic principle  Direction associ
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