PSYC 4030 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Eval, Comorbidity, Positive Tone

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24 Apr 2012

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PCIT chapter 3
Intake assessment and therapy orientation session
o Initial eval can elucidate factors that may interfere with treatment
o Testing serves as baselines; weekly changes hope to be seen
o Accountability-effectiveness
Who should attend the intake session:
o Child should be monitored in one way w/o parents being there to shed intimate
o Some break 2hrs as costs, agencies, and children become issues
o Develop rapport with child, misperceptions, praise them, appeal
Flexible battery approach:
o Intake interview and questionnaire
o Eyeberg child behaviour inventory ecbi-essential measure for clinical range to
track behaviours over time
o Sutter-eyeberg student behaviour inventory sesbi-measure in school setting
o Dyadic parent child interaction coding system dpics 3-observes parent and child
o Core pre treatment assessments; repeated at conclusion of treatment
o Use flexible additional measure, co-morbid evals., interfering vars, marital
conflict, depression, stress
o Problem score tends to be higher in single-parent versus intact families and high
problem score have been with marital distress
Sutter eyeberg student behaviour inventory-sesbi
o Class setting , daycare, preschool,
o Brevity good; 55 mins
Dyadic parent child interaction coding system dpics3
o Direct observation- playing independently, attention, responsiveness, limit setting
of parent, warmth, clinginess, anxiety
o Avoid interventions if child becomes disruptive, instruct parents, questions
answered in future sessions
o Structured observation by clinical playroom using a small table, 2 chairs, time out
chair in corner, toy box, five sets of toys-block, legos, duplos,
o 2 place on table, others in other remaining corners; toys out of containers for
clean up later
o One way mirror and bte-hearing aid
o If therapist gone; more likely disruptive
o Most 3-4 yr olds don’t mind, unaware that they’re being observed
o 5 min warm-up before coding
o Pre-treatment recommended videotaping, for review
o 3 standard 5 min dpics situations varying in degree of parental control
Child led, parent led and clean up
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