PSYC 4030 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Play Therapy, Overlearning, Internalization

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24 Apr 2012

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Pcit chapter 4
Teaching child directed interaction:
o After initial and feedback, attend teaching session cdi play therapy
o 1hr without child preferable; before this- they complete ecbi and see changes
Overview of teaching session:
o Review how. From last session, describe goals.
o Avoid and do skills presented with rationales and ex
o Interactive best; also for transfer to child
o Sum all skills before next;
Pride- praise, reflect, imitate, describe, enthusiasm
o Strategic attn next step for shaping behaviour
o ; role play next for in room coaching
See appendix 3
o Record daily practice and how. To do see 4.1; pg 50
o Taping the lesson good for a reluctant spouse, other caregivers, repeat, reading
Review homework:
o Expected to complete; praise; if not; complete b4 session
Presenting the goals of cdi:
o Structure, goals, r.s. Enhancement, cdi leads to pdi to be effective
o Warm relationships like foundation of house
Takes time n patience
Cdi improves kids self esteem.r.s.,play activities, less anger, tolerance,
May be tailored for certain children with abuse, internalizers....
Explaining the 5 minute of h.w. Each day:
1. Ads- moves resistance of home practice;
2. Less likely to go thru the motions
3. Long time for novice play
4. Best for proscoial behaviours
Little consistency better than long exhausting
o 15 mins can make 5 feel too short thereafter
o Discourage rigidity;
o Handle clean up by 1. I’m going to, help if youd like 2. Allow to still play
Will be covered later
o Pcit isn’t a privilege based on good behaviours from child,
More important on misbehaving days
Interrupts negative cycle and warms
Selling cdi to sceptical parents:
o Seek easy outs; stress;
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o Cdi is therapy not play; therapeutic interventions
o They may try to discount
o But like exercising; every 5 mins better; guarantees r.s. Love and care each and every
o Have parent reflect on how their own self esteem might have been different if their
parents had daily cdi:
Emotional neglect, not to repeat
R.s. B.w. Messages given develops their self esteem
Want them to grow like them, confidence, security, liking selves,
o Over-learning skills until they’re habitual:
Generalize effortlessly throughout
Every 30’s a praise...just for play...r.s. Enhancement
Explaining the overriding rule of letting the child lead”:
o Allow them to lead, best when choose it, high quality attn’
o All day they’re not in lead; let them once be
Can then be seen as least capable; depress s.e.
Helps in decisions and in relieving frustrations
Teaching the avoid skills of cdi:
o Commands:
Avoid commands, unpleasant
Direct and indirect-can both take lead away
o Questions:
Hardest to learn
Indirect ones bad, confusing,
Believes there aren’t paying attn’
Leading q’s= no creativity later
Disapproval and disagree with what they do
Voice inflection can make a statement a confrantative type
Unsure questions- unsure for them too!
Even the one worder okay rlly huh aren’t good
Model parents to maximize the contrasts
Q’s meant for answers; however children are bombarded and feel interrogated
and would like one word responses to escape em
Exercise by asking them how many would be responded to if given...
Use q’s; just outside of play
Rapid fire however isn’t good
o Criticism and sarcasm:
Critics not effective for decreasing problem behaviours; increase undesirable
All strive for attn’; will work for – attn if they can’t get +attn’
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