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Chapter 5

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PSYC 4030
Diane Lawless

PCIT Chapter 5  Coaching Child directed interaction: o Labelled praises to parent to increase cdi skills o Use strategy attn and selective ignoring to increase certain parent verbalizations o Enhance rapport, no negative words; constructive o Allow parents to take lead in the us of the pride skills o No correction during first time; accept; feel good  Overview of typical coaching session: o See 5.1 78 o Ecbi test done, tallies, scores, feedback o Review of homework o Problem solving watched w/o intervening for 5 mins o Cdi skills tested on dyadic pcit coding system dpics3 o Then parent coached by therapist, pride with child o For 2 parent, divided in half so each scan get coached; other learns through observing o Feedback on progress at end; focus for home o Rapport optional to decrease opposing treatment  Setting up for the coaching session: o Play on floor in cdi; up to child; parent told to avoid limit-setting o Dpic3, h.w. sheet pcit progress, clock  Check in and homework review: o Child plays independently, review adjustments; o More recognizable in praising child , note progress o Teach them how to shape indecently o Intermittent labelled praises for playing quiet o Restrict to 10 mins, marital issues, concurrent issues o Limits non-productive focus o Review do and avoid skills; address anxieties o Cognitive and behavioural explanation for therapists being in room –invisible o Most learn to tune out the therapist  Parental noncompliance with Cdi homework: o Expect it; better for generalizing if they do it o Less than 3=worry; see 5.2 pg 82  Parents not buying in to cdi:  Not motivated, court order, school ed==harder  1. Put issue on table  2. Sell by: 1. Parent sand child r.s. must be strong for discipline to work o 2. Daily practice=mastery 1 o 3. Cdi is therapy o 4. Adds up o 5. Overleanrs to habits  3. Experiment to shape h.w. behaviour; foot in door, praise  Parents too stressed and disorganized to make priority:  1. Folder  2. Night b4 reminder  3. Fridge reminder  4. Call mid wk  5. Incentives  6. Develop routine  Therapist has not sent a consistent msg that h.w. is priority:  1. Avoid reinforcing non compliance with its okay...  2. Pick up h.w. with ecbi- ticket to session  3. Labelled praise 4./7 days/!  4. Labelled praise for remember the sheet  5. Recreate homework sheet if forgotten; aversive  6. Educate parent’s abt changes to home practice changes attribute to h.w.  Parent practice is being sabotaged by other at home:  1. Engage significant other in therapy  2. Problem solve ways for parent to practice in privacy  3. Empower rent to be assertive  4. Educate rent that other who have been criticized for cdi practice have found ways to complete h.w.  5. Forecast significant other will stop when they see it working  Observing and recording CDI skills: o If recording done by end of session; after skills coaching=all able to perform at high level- artificial by short term retention o 5 mins of dpics3 recording, note address to coaching later... o Pcit progress sheet- wk to wk progress o After 5 min coding, constructive feedback; labelled praise sandwich-+-+ o How close they are to mastery 5.3 86  10 praises, 10 reflections, 10 behavioural decryptions; 3 or fewer commands/q/critism; ignore all negative seeking behaviours; imitate kid; enuthism o Overlearnign advice  Coaching the do and avoids-tips for therapists: o Make coaching brief fast and precise: 2  Immediate after verbalizations of parents  Precise not general; take out if needed for a min o Coach after nearly every parent verbalization:  Feedback to think before they do; 
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