PSYC 4030 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Wicket-Keeper, Master Sergeant, Problem Solving

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24 Apr 2012
PCIT Chapter 5
Coaching Child directed interaction:
o Labelled praises to parent to increase cdi skills
o Use strategy attn and selective ignoring to increase certain parent verbalizations
o Enhance rapport, no negative words; constructive
o Allow parents to take lead in the us of the pride skills
o No correction during first time; accept; feel good
Overview of typical coaching session:
o See 5.1 78
o Ecbi test done, tallies, scores, feedback
o Review of homework
o Problem solving watched w/o intervening for 5 mins
o Cdi skills tested on dyadic pcit coding system dpics3
o Then parent coached by therapist, pride with child
o For 2 parent, divided in half so each scan get coached; other learns through observing
o Feedback on progress at end; focus for home
o Rapport optional to decrease opposing treatment
Setting up for the coaching session:
o Play on floor in cdi; up to child; parent told to avoid limit-setting
o Dpic3, h.w. sheet pcit progress, clock
Check in and homework review:
o Child plays independently, review adjustments;
o More recognizable in praising child , note progress
o Teach them how to shape indecently
o Intermittent labelled praises for playing quiet
o Restrict to 10 mins, marital issues, concurrent issues
o Limits non-productive focus
o Review do and avoid skills; address anxieties
o Cognitive and behavioural explanation for therapists being in room invisible
o Most learn to tune out the therapist
Parental noncompliance with Cdi homework:
o Expect it; better for generalizing if they do it
o Less than 3=worry; see 5.2 pg 82
Parents not buying in to cdi:
Not motivated, court order, school ed==harder
1. Put issue on table
2. Sell by: 1. Parent sand child r.s. must be strong for discipline to
o 2. Daily practice=mastery
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o 3. Cdi is therapy
o 4. Adds up
o 5. Overleanrs to habits
3. Experiment to shape h.w. behaviour; foot in door, praise
Parents too stressed and disorganized to make priority:
1. Folder
2. Night b4 reminder
3. Fridge reminder
4. Call mid wk
5. Incentives
6. Develop routine
Therapist has not sent a consistent msg that h.w. is priority:
1. Avoid reinforcing non compliance with its okay...
2. Pick up h.w. with ecbi- ticket to session
3. Labelled praise 4./7 days/!
4. Labelled praise for remember the sheet
5. Recreate homework sheet if forgotten; aversive
6. Educate parent’s abt changes to home practice changes attribute to
Parent practice is being sabotaged by other at home:
1. Engage significant other in therapy
2. Problem solve ways for parent to practice in privacy
3. Empower rent to be assertive
4. Educate rent that other who have been criticized for cdi practice
have found ways to complete h.w.
5. Forecast significant other will stop when they see it working
Observing and recording CDI skills:
o If recording done by end of session; after skills coaching=all able to perform at high
level- artificial by short term retention
o 5 mins of dpics3 recording, note address to coaching later...
o Pcit progress sheet- wk to wk progress
o After 5 min coding, constructive feedback; labelled praise sandwich-+-+
o How close they are to mastery 5.3 86
10 praises, 10 reflections, 10 behavioural decryptions; 3 or fewer
commands/q/critism; ignore all negative seeking behaviours; imitate kid;
o Overlearnign advice
Coaching the do and avoids-tips for therapists:
o Make coaching brief fast and precise:
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