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Chapter 6

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PSYC 4030
Diane Lawless

PCIT Chapter 6  Teaching Parent directed interaction:  Rationale for why young children should comply with parental commands: o Less embarrassed ; don’t have to leave work, substitute care, less concerned though with inconveniencing the parents o 1.Benefit from parental control-rules following/limit setting/must learn how to respond to external limits; internalize the rules that will carry into classroom o 2.social skills , games, turn taking, ones hw dotn will be harder to changes o 3. Self help vs. simple chores easier for parent; as they may have some deficits in s.t. o 4. Parents want control; just anxiety to be in control for a kid... o 5. Safety concerns o 6. Abuse risk heightened  Structuring the PDI teaching session: o 2h required; ecbi/cdi h.w. collection, discuss pcit progress o Table 6.1 105 o Alone w.o. children; sequence of skills very key  Importance of consistency, predictability, and follow through: o Structure need emphasized o Predictability-robot approach to discipline; brick vs. rubber band o Limits bad if bending o Cdi: children must comply; respond differently to both; o Pdi- no command after command; social reinforce or discipline robotic consistency  Importance of memorizing PDI diagrams-exact words: o Exact and precise  Rationale for use of compliance exercises: o 2 categories: noncompliance and disruptiveness o Refusing to do ; while compliance is taught first; after disruptive dealt with o Rationales given; small steps first; play commands first o Receive praise; over practice compliance o Enthusiastic praise; sees compliance positive  Giving effective instructions:”  Appendix 6-good directions o Making commands single rather than compound:  Test the command like rubber bands o Make commands specific not vague: o o State commands positively: o o Give commands in a neutral tone of voice: 1  Makes it firm; if scream then all non attention grabbing is-fake  Remove their cues they make on u o Be polite and respectful:  Imitate; important; o Be sure commands are developmentally appropriate:  Smaller commands stop oppositionl-i don’t know how to draw that mom... o Use gestures:  Visual learners o Direct commands only when really necessary:  Goals to reduce commands; only when important to obey; suggest; consequences will be provided for optional noncompliance o Incorporate choices when appropriate:  2 equals; oppositional refuse both- original choice best rather than options o Provide a carefully time explanation:  Their drawing is as important as ur task for them; bad timing b.w. instruction and compliance-setup for argument  Best- reason preceding command  Practicing how to give effective instructions: o Changing ineffective commands book o No David book; learn to restate  Determining compliance: o Doing something slightly different from parent request:  Dev. Appropriatness; parent must point to the specific toy/how vs. throwing... o Dawdling/ slow to obey:  5s rule- count ; forget instructions o Playing deaf:  Considered noncompliance; hence will listen next time vs. act defensively o Partially complying:  Visual cue noncompliance is non o Complying with a bad attitude:  Complied; next steps after are to address STOP behaviours; ignore o Undoing:  Compliance/ overdoing too is  Praising compliance: o Properly- immediate and specific and enthusiasm o Some in early don’t know connection b.w. time out and noncompliance; stress it o Once they understand discontinue the connex ^ o Don’t repeat-6.3 116  Rationale for discipline children with time out in a chair:
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