PSYC 4030 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Play Therapy, Wicket-Keeper, Problem Solving

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24 Apr 2012

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Chapter 7 PCIT
Coaching Parent directed interaction PDI
Overview of a typical pdi coaching session:
o Ecbi completed, picks up prior to beginning, records and pcit progress sheet
o Problem solving, observe parent’s cdi skills, mastery, reteach cdi,
o Move on to pdi, 5 mins---use pdi coding sheet, transcript of exact words; commands..
o Then all verbalizations counted for during pdi; see 134 for summary table 7.1
o Then constructive feedback sandwich; reoriented
o Coached in pdi skills, intermittent cdi skills; join in playroom for feedback
Preparing for pdi coaching sessions:
o Memorize appendices 7-9 disciplines; toys tables....
o Include toys desirable and not to child; teach then to comply
o Pdi-observation room therapist-
Must make it seem it’s the parent in charge
If child hears; may be compromised commands
Check in and homework review:
o Review wk; play therapy h.w.; prioritize; cdi offsetting anger; pdi reviewed; time out;
debrief misconduct thoroughly
o Detail can reinforce action or correct details
Observing and rerecording pdi skills:
o Prior to each; they are coded for 5 mins of cdi/pdi5 and given feedbacks
o If pass cdi; pdi next ; praise-ecbi
o Ecbi- direct vs. indirect; obey vs. disobey; praise labelled; chair warning; time out
o Running narrative also- appendix 10 specific command words
o After coding pdi; feedback, sandwich,
Criteria for mastery of pdi skills:
o 1. 4 commands during coding-75% must be effective good directed...appendix 6
o 2. 75% follow through with command sequence procedure; labelled praise
And for compliance with t...o. warnings
o 3. Pdi time out efficiency in or role play see 7.2 138 p/f; 75%
General guidelines for coaching pdi:
o Parent may be anxious; good to teach them how to be calm decisive
o Moderate anxieties on both parts normal
o Too much latitude is common novel mistake; pdi is directive!
o Very directive in pdi; giving direction appendix 6/ 7.3140
o Give one instruction at a time:
Break into smaller parts/praise each
o Use positively stated instructions:
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