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Chapter 8

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PSYC 4030
Diane Lawless

Chapter 8 PCIT  Progressing through the pdi sessions: o 8.1 table 154-156 o One wk b.w. session 7-8 pdi’s o Less directive, reinforce, autonomy, problem solving, avoid dependency, condifence o Cross setting, generalizing, maintenance o 5-7- more individual time for rapport/h.w./input and assistance; less resistant when included  First pdi coaching session: o Preparing:  2 hrs; 75 ; not done until compliance  Play therapy; childprood room; aggressiveness; o Beginning:  Parents asked abt cdi h.w.; priority in play therapy;off set anger, limits; discipline diagram  Command and time out sequence  Ask for commitment ; any letdown in t.o. reinfiorces crying o Rehearsing time out with the child:  Most receptive to the t.o. when rules given to them too  3 ways to prep children:  1. Explanation-full out rules  2. experiential practice,- pretend commands  3. observational learning- practice all together  Experiential over observational; rapid behavioural changes  modelling preferred sometimes as is real vs pretend not good for 2-3 ; defiance would allow for experiental t.o.;  childs rehearsal must be limited to 10 mins  2pitfalls- 1. Overtraining in compliance reduce disobeyed during coaching  2. Reduces coaching time o Practicing pdi with the child:  Walk to t.o., sit, stay in for times  Coach through rehearsal; repeat; generalize from pretend to home  Attn spans less than 10 mins; sticker or small prizes to encourage cooperation  If worried that theyll be too cooperative; let parent explain rules  Children likely nto test when parents explain o Practicing pdi with mr. Bear:  Best for young, add,  Have bear comply; disobey original but comply with warning; disobey original and warning to go to time out Page 1 of 5  Models mr bear going through this sequence, followed by parent and child  Mr bear is the guy diusobeying and child learns rules vicariously  Time out rules rehearsed  Pdi coding omitted ; cdi coding omitted handle the first time out time  Engage briefly in cdi, calms parents  Small goals, experience mastery before demands increase  Turn taking practice  Try to- helps in dev challenges]enthusiastic labelld praises- to encourage, comply future, reminds of consequences if noncomplying  Commands in first pdi limited to instruction in toys rather than clean up o Give their toy to parent; change activites, small task n interrupt play a little  After 20m if they haven’t moved to noncomply; clean up; real life commands now- to increase difficulty, occur in clicnic and time to coach o Debriefing and assigning homework:  Emotional support for rents, encourage emotional sharing, seen it b4, usuall....  Pcit is right intervention, reassure, rapport, after first pdi dropouts perhaps; spcieal sells and strategies  No direct command during debriefing  Need gradual implementation,  H.w. 5 mins of cdi, 5-10 pdi; first five play; next 5-10 cdi, command, cdicommand, cdi  Mastery- 4 command in 5 mins; explained modeled practiced at home  Pdi practice when not in hurry; cdi pdi h.w. given  Ppl who aren’t ready for pdi h.w.  Some children comprehend the pdi h,.w. and use listening game  Don’t need t.o. and compliance seen, compliance out fo 10 min are not ecpected  Child sees as fun and rewarding, child disobeying rversed, childes self image change, child learns to be fair and consistent if following through with t.o. for noncompliance  Firm commitments , encouraged in disciplines strategy except for t.o. in chairs..  Resistance can cause h.w. stopping, therapist contatd, if ok resume , if not, h.w. postponed  Second pdi coaching session: o 10 cdi coachin mins, no cdi coding, pdi coded for 5 m—your turn to command Page 2 of 5 o Singles-20m, caregiver receives 10 m pdi coaching in dual caregiver families o Pdi coached in play situation o During debreifin showsn pcit progress sheet and transcript sheet o Mastery criteria pdi show; h.w. 5 mins of cdi; pdi in a clean up room 10 m; o Use pdi skills 2-4 direct commands each day- carefully chosen o Pdi h.w.  Third pdi coaching session: o Labelled praise, first time compliance o Coded for 5 mins of cdi; 5mins pdi; clean up directions o After coach cdi for 15; 10 pdi coach; pdi clean up; real life commands to generalize o Take time for children to change o Debriefed; mastery skills in pdi transcript sheet o H.w. cdi 5 m, pdi clean up; pdi + stated direct command o Cdi pdi h.w. o Avoid direct commands du
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