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Chapter 7

behaviour modification chapter 7

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PSYC 4050
Diane Lawless

1Chapter 7 Behaviour Modificationy Deceleration Behaviour Therapyy Differential Reinforcement indirectly decelerating undesirable behaviours o Differential Reinforcement Preferable to decelerate by reinforcing an acceleration target behaviour Less opportunity to do the bad4 major types of differential in order of most to least effective o 1 Differential reinforcement of incompatible behavioursThe best form by reinforcing acceleration targets that are incompatibleAcceleration and decal targets cant occur simultaneouslyMore challenging than devising competing acceleration behaviours o 2 Differential reinforcement of competing behavioursFinding incompatibles is toughEngaging in a competing acceleration target reduces but doesnt eliminateIe jogging vs snacking still possible to jog n snack o 3 Differential reinforcement of other behavioursIf a target is seriously maladaptive it may be necessary to reinforce any other behaviour to decrease the maladaptive quicklyPrimarily for high frequency behaviours that are dangerousoccasionally used to reduce less severe maladaptives such as preschoolers noncompliance nervous habits geriatric wandering o 4 Differential reinforcement of low response ratesCan be reinforced by doing the maladaptive just less so o Variants of differential reinforcement problem behavioursNon contingent reinforcement y Reinforcer identified as maintaining a problem behaviours on a frequent to fixed interval schedule regardless whether they engage in deceleration target or not y Usually receives reinforce but not after the target ie its not really contingent on the behaviour
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