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Chapter 8

behaviour modification chapter 8

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PSYC 4050
Diane Lawless

1Chapter 8 Behaviour Modificationy Combining reinforcement and punishment o Token economy Token economy y Is a system for motivating clients to perform desirable behaviours and to refrain from undesirable ones y Earn tokens and lose then exchange them for backup reinforcersactual one y Used more often in groups y Token economy began with a program for hospitalized patients with chronic psychiatric disorders developed by teodoro ayllon and Nathan azri in 1961Basic elements y 4 basic elements y 1 A list of acceleration and declaration targets number of tokens can earn and lose with each y 2 List of backup reinforcers including token cost of eachmotivation y 3Type of tokentangible or symbolic poker chips vs points y 4 Specific procedures and rules for the operation of the token economy rules like when they can exchange y Token economies are used for problem behaviours and client populationsThe community training center tokens for chronic psychiatric disorders y Spiegler and agigian for primarily schizophrenia y Goal to train and prepare trainees for independent living after 8 yrs y Ppl lacking self care ability and interaction skills needed help y After having all these things done for in hospital they were not wanting to learn the skills y Credits and Credit cards o Trainees received new card each day staff validated them
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