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Chapter 10

behaviour modification chapter 10

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PSYC 4050
Diane Lawless

1Chapter 10 Behaviour Modificationy Exposure therapy o Brief graduated minimizes anxiety during treatment by evoking small doses o Prolonged exposure maximizes it and reduce thereafter o Anxiety induction therapiesexposure to reduce by maximizing initial response o Floodingflooded with anxiety for a long time negative consequences do not occury In vivo floodingo In vivo floodingprolonged intense exposure to actual anxietyUsed for phobias Ocd ptsd anorexia dysmorphicExposure to a highly anxiety evoking situation long enough to discomfort them and then naturally declineCould be short generally need more sessionsVersatile therapy that can be even administered by parents o Response preventionRelapse preventionSpecifically preventing clients from using their maladaptive coping habitsEssential for in vivo flooding for ocdRitual prevention keeps the client from performing their ritualsIn contrast to self managed in vivo difficult for clients Prozac used along with ocd in vivo flooding can be just as goodBeing exposed fully showed results in body dysmorphic that they all reduces their bad perceptionsThose who had relapse prevention were better off at managing minor relapses less self reported depression and anxiety o Cue exposureCue exposurespecialized form of exposure with response prevention used to treat substance related disordersExposed to cues of addictive behaviours but is prevented from it fullyRepeated exposure to conditioned stimuli cues in absence of unconditioned stimulidrug itselfeliminates the reinforcementextinct the craving
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