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Chapter 12

behaviour modification chapter 12

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York University
PSYC 4050
Diane Lawless

Chapter 12 Behaviour ModificationCognitive behavioural Therapy Cognitive restructuringNature of Cognitive BTCognitions modified by interventions and indirectly through overt behavioural interventionsArguing for a political position with which you disagree is likely to dispose you more favourably toward itCognitive vs overt behavioural change varies in cbt therapies for problemsUsually both are included hence the hyphenated termCbt use cognitive restructuring therapy change distorted erroneous cognitions Cognitive restrictingrecognizing maladaptive cognitions and cognitions and substituting more adaptive cognitions insteadUsed when clients problems are maintained by an excess of maladaptive thoughtsCognitive behavioural coping skills therapy adaptive responses taught both cognitive and overt behavioural to deal with issues effectivelyUsed for clients who have a deficit in adaptive cognitionsSEE 305 COMPARIGN BOTH TYPESOperationalizing cognitions making private thoughts publicUsed to focus on overt behaviours which excluded covert behaviours such as thought beliefs attitudesDefine cognitions in self talkInclude sensory images but focus is verbal languageOnce they identify these they can change em before during afterRational emotive BT and cognitive therapy are 2 primary Assessing cognitionsInterviews self recording direct self report think aloudDiffer on timing degree of structure mode of responses nature of stimulus source of evaluationDirect self consist of self statements Carl glass 1515 negative self statementsAdults rate each on 5 point scale 1
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