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Chapter 13

behaviour modification chapter 13

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PSYC 4050
Diane Lawless

1 Chapter 13 Behaviour Modificationy Cognitivebehavioural therapyCoping Skills o Self instructional trainingDirected self talk and serve 6 functions y Preparing client to use self instructions y Focusing attn y Guiding behaviour y Providing encouragement y Evaluating performance y Reducing anxietyForms of self instructionsy Imperative sit relax y First person id is better y Second person you need to y Name raffi eichenbaum developed self instructional training teaches ppl to cope withsituationsUsed with children thoughts schizFirst used for childrens impulsive behaviours 5 major steps y 1 Cognitive modelingperform task while verbalizing y 2 Cognitive participant modelingchild performs taskas model verbalizes y 3 Overt self instructionschild performswhile verbalizing y 4 Fading of overt self instructions y 5 Covert self instructions says to selfTherapist teaches them to use brief simple tasksOvert monitored by others increase clients attn to self instructionsCovert dont disturb others not embarrassed o Enhancing the effects of self instructional training ore active in training greater improvements than passive
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