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Chapter 11

behaviour modification chapter 11

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PSYC 4050
Diane Lawless

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1Chapter 11 Behaviour Modification y Modeling Therapyvicarious extinction and skills training y Intro o Learning by observingand then imitating is pervasive mostly prosaically y Basics of ModelingModel person engaging in behaviourObserver person who attends to the modelObserving the model shows what they did and what resulted due to their actions y Vicarious consequencesconsequences of the behaviours which are likely to receive the imitation y Vicarious reinforcementmodels behaviour reinforced observer is more likely to imitate the model y Vicarious punishmentmodels behaviour less likely to be reinforcedImitationwhen someone observes a model and behaves like them observing alone doesnt mean imitation y 3 stages of observational learning o 1 Exposure to models behaviour o 2 Acquisition of the behavioursMore likely to acquire in event of consequence o 3 Observers acceptance of models behaviour as guide for his own actionsdetermined by consequencesSpecific imitationcopiesGeneral imitationadapts similarSpecific counter imitation specifically doesnt doGeneral counter imitation generally differentNo acceptanceno influence o For modelling all 3 must occurreinforcer may be given if they copyThere are 2 types of models
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