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York University
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SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

SOSC 1000 Essay Outline Jasanjit Sekhon Essay Topic - Sexuality and opportunity Question - What roles do both the females and the males play in the current society and. What roles do each of the sexes have in the workplace and what "skill set" do both of them bring to the current work force? Do the women stereotypes have play a role in the unequal treatment of women? Thesis Statement - Statistics confirm that the females are given limited opportunities compared to the males in their occupational fields because even though women tend to have higher education or bring the same skill set compared to men, their skills are overlooked due to unequal distribution of family obligations and also due to the gender stereotypes about females. Body Paragraph 1 – Opportunities that woman were given in the past compared to the present. - Major changes in the career paths that women are able to choose from, but are still given limited opportunities - If a man and a woman are to apply for the same job both should be judged on the same criteria and how well they may respond under pressure and Body Paragraph 2 - Stereotypes affecting the woman in the workforce - Setting male standards as the universal standards does not treat w
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