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Social Science
SOSC 1140
Patti Nyman

Steve Cutts  LECTURE 23 April 1, 2014. Toward Alternatives: Review of Scientific Rationality/The Mindscape of Single Vision • The Repression of Dream-Life  Dream life repressed in real life and seen as unrealistic  But alienates us from part of our life that could give us wisdom on condition of human life  ALT: look at richness of experience that dream life offers  Imagination and possibility of dreaming is a possibility of creating a new world  Alternate view on reality  opening for a beginning of understanding a new way of living • The Spectator Senses  Come to rely on sight and hearing and detached from other senses  Experience life outside of ourselves  ALT: how can desensitize ourselves w rest of our being  Become engaged with world as if we belong in it  overcome alienation • Death-in-Life of the Body: Mind Over Body  Within mindscape of single vision mind and sight are at watch  ALT: what would it mean to become more integrated w our bodies  Body not detached from mind  Center is not mind, but heart or feet (grounding)  Locate yourself somewhere other than your head  WHAT IF we slept when tired and ate food making us feel more alive etc. • The Scientific Method (Francis Bacon) and the Domination of Nature  Purpose of science to create knowledge free knowledge  Increase control over nature  ALT: what would happen if knowledge only valuable if life affirming?  Such as: finding ways to make rice more nutritious  staple food  Or: creating good water systems in areas it is bad  “Think whether project is FOR life at THE EXPENSE of life”  Aim knowledge at preservation of life  SIMPLE  Nature deficit disorder: not having a connection with nature (unstable)  Problem: unaccustomed to nature (too hot, too cold, bugs, wet etc.) • Impersonal Knowledge and the Limitations of Science  ^^^^^ Alternatives to Scientific Rationality 1 • The Romantic Movement th  During the beginning to middle of 19 century  Against enlightenment (Sci Rat of nature)  Opposition to the Enlightenment: “The Age of Reason”  Enlightenment: primary values based on human reason  Reason: makes human superior to other creatures and nature  Justified our dominance on nature  Rationalism vs. Romanticism in Art  Rationalism: emphasis balance and proportion (reason in science)  Romanticism: sought ways to escape what they saw as what was neglected by rationalistic tradition  advocated for appreciation from art  FATE OF THE SOUL IS FATE OF THE SOCIAL ORDER (“ I just lost my faith in humanity”)  William Blake  Sensitivity in feeling connection  Auguries of innocence: The world is in a grain of sand…  Meaning: Have everything
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