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Week #7 TASK - Critical Thinking

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Social Science
SOSC 1340
Kean Birch

Baraq 24/10/2013 Critical Thinking - Employment discrimination The big transition from feudalism to capitalism had many positive aspects, but we cannot forget all the negative parts as well. We can refer back to previous lecture and using critical thinking we can look at the the transition from the shoes of someone less fortunate who had a different viewpoint on the situation. When capitalism came into control, an average family relied on work to survive. This allowed capitalists to exploiting the population. Although much of the population was fortunate enough to receive compensation for their labour, there was still a large part of the population who was much less fortunate. Capitalists began to part the population into races and paid them however they wanted. Some were lucky to still be getting paid but slavery was a growing problem. Unlike capitalism, a feudalist state was self sufficient; everybody worked the land for t
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