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"From Seattle to Porto Alegre" Summary

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Kean Birch

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November 14, 2013 READING SUMMARY Name: Baraq Reading(sSeoane, J. and Taddei, E. (2002) From Seattle to Porto Alegre: The antineoliberal globalization movement. Current Sociology 50(1): 99-122. OUTLINE OF THE READING(S) The social spring refers to political and social events contrary that go against current existing order as they generate new ideas and hops for the society. The term describes the demand for change and the emergence of new social order which confronts injustice caused by a greater power for the majority of the population. These springs caused large amounts of people to gather and protest what they feel and believe is truthfully right. The search for the genesis of anti-globalization movement brings us to 1996 where several observers insisted on citing the first intercontinental encounter for humanity and against neoliberalism in Mexico. More than 3000 people came together and issued the Second Declaration of Reality. Furthermore, in 1999, a statement by members of international civil society opposed to the creation of a 'global market' dominated by transnational corporations which elicited over 800 people around the world. As things begin to change around 2000, the anti-globalization movement gained a new strength under the impact of Seattle. The protest staged in Davos in January, in connection with the World Economic Forum meeting cased more t
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