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Chapter 5

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The Corporation by Joel Bakan Chapter 5: Corporations Unlimited Chapter five explains how corporations are powerful and they don't have any limits , they started to control many things including the public sphere such as parks, subway stations, etc. Bakan talks about how corporations started taking over the education as well by operating schools with the help of the government. Bakan thinks it's wrong to let corporations take control of schools because they don't actually operate schools to make students learn and be successful but they do to get profit. Bakan gives an example about the annual Vancouver's Children Festival, Kia was advertising their cars by giving sample toy cars to the kids that were going to the festival so they can get their parents' attention. Raffi is a children's performer, he was supposed to be at the concert but then he left because he felt disturbed performing at a place which Kia was advertising their cars. Corporations found out that advertising is the best way to get people's attention, and also by attracting kids for some products so they can nag their parents till they get it. Joel says that many families buy products because of their kids, and corporations find that most kids get anything they want if they keep nagging. Companies like KFC and other junk foods usually use advertising to attract kids by making them think that junk food is good and fruits and vegetables are bad, there is this advertisement on TV that shows a group of students at lunch time, they show how one of the students is sad because he only got a banana for his lunch, while his friends which sitting at a different table are all happy because they got a fast food such as KFC, when kids watch this advertisement they will eventually think that junk food is good and it makes them happy. Children are the easiest targets to get attracted by advertisements, Bakan says corporations are using their advertisements everywhere, in the side walk, on buildings, in subway stations, posters everywhere, all these posters and other advertisements will attract people and make them buy the products. Corporations always find a way to make profit, and advertising is one of the best methods. Chapter 6: Reckoning Joel Bakan talks about how corporations are powerful, and the deregulations made the corporations free and uncontrollable. Bakan states that corporations are the reason why there is so much poverty in the world now. People started protesting against corpora
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