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October 24 notes

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Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

anti racism feminism on race racism and equality discourse1a Brooks Allen Dixon v Canada Safeway 1989it was overturned concerns with 3 women and denied of benefits due to maternity leave from Canada SafewayLook at the eclusion of feminism Also suggest that multiple overlapping and interlocking of men of colour Have to intergrate of all parts of who one is1b white priviliege male privilege heterosexual privilegeDo not see whiteness as a raceDo not see that they have gender identities White people are taught that white are not priviliege1c important aspect is that the idea of race like gender is a social construction1d it is a process and has to be produce and reproducedBoth white people and of colour white is a category has to be produced and reproduced in order to give it meaningThey do not see race as biological or culturalhow anti racist feminist believe2a i first biology that biology is not destiny and mean that many women can give birthIt is problematic and assuming race is biology and doesnt allow thinking of how race is socially instructedth 19 century scieneific racism and emerged in Britain related to social darwism
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