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November 14 notes part 2

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Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

Sexual violence part 2 - 2a make women less likely to believe and police do nothing about it - Informed of gender inequality - Race and class mythology, that society assumptions will come to play - 2bi if possible seems to be done by creepy stranger - 2bii involves presence by weapon - Women usually raped by someone they know - 2biii women “ask” to be raped - Engaged in behaviors, then she should be blamed - Eg: low cut top, date, flirt, made out, relationship - 2b iv John Wigmore 1934, women and children who are impure will make up rape stories - 2b v rape is power or dominance not sexual attraction - Men raised to be aggressive, obtain power, to entitled sex, maintain a hyper masculine interior, hegemonic masculinity becomes constructed - 2b vi man forces women, they believe women enjoy it - 2b vii have to fight back or be blamed to be raped if they do not fight back - Women taught that they should argue, to confront them - How we construct femininity in society *** - 2b viii if not an guard, they will be blamed for assault - Warn women to be careful - 2b ix generally omen with lots of sex partners then consent to all sex - 2b x if consent to once for sex, then you consent to have sex to them always - 2b xi if not physically abused then they aren’t “hurt” - 2b women are liars - Women are sexual temptress who ask to be raped - Men who fit into “norm” then should have a lesser sentence - 3a rape laws were not criminal but property law - Raped women are seen as valueless (idea women are property) - 3b defined rap as having “caranal knowledge of a women who wasn’t his wife without consent” - Codified consent - 3c if consent to marry someone, then must have sex where and whenever (always) - If you didn’t tell the police, then you are lying - Women were put on trial - 3c i as of 1983, sexual assault replaced gender neutral crime - 3c ii sexual assault, sexual with weapon, aggravated assault (life threatening) - Then become gender neutral - Husband can be charged to assault in Canada - 3c iii tried to shield women from de-creditable gender/sexual characteristics - 3d greater protection for children - Preventing men from having fair trial - 3e concerned with fair trial issue - Rape shield was strucked down 1991 - 3f if sexual history is relevant - Assumed judge were critical - 3g using women’s private records to disregard their reliability - 3h gov’t attempt to close off the amount of private records - Huge fight in 90’s between defense lawyers (fighting for fair trial) and federal gov’t (keep reducing rape shields)*** - 3h i the defendant, 17 year old, women who went to an interview and was abused by Ewanchuk - Implied that she was wearing a tank top and shorts, consents to sex to Ewanchuk - He was more hormonal (horny) then criminal - National debate of rape-ness - Innocent men put in jail - He was convicted beforehand - 4 very new, started in june 2011 - Started at York, because police officer said “ should not dress like sluts” - Lead to a march in Toronto 2011 - Where several women wore “sluty clothing” - Black women, feminists, very different when white women wore sluty women compared to colour women - The word Slut is an act of “ white privilege” - Black women are more likely to be charactersized as whores and hookers than white women - ^ black women are more likely to be sluts then white women - So white women who attend the slutwalk should be careful - Doesn’t address how coloured women are sluts Violent femininity - 1a it becomes culturally and in the law, have to integrate or make sense of - When men are violent, that’s all they do, break the law - When women commit violent acts, not only beak the law but also their “gender” - ^ breaking their “gender roles” - Are violent women are breaking the laws or gender roles? - femininity are always commented upon nd always a problem - ^ men are rarely commented or noticed - Violent women are considered to be an anomoloy - ^ anomolgy means a problem that needs to be taken care of swiftly - Both defense and crown attornys assumes that masculinity is masculine - Feminists argue that defense attorneys should not only defend them against charges and to also defend violent women of gender roles - To show that violent women are “deviant” - 1b I they rely on stereotypes, like narrative of the “good mother” - Good mothers commit violent act to protect their children - Defense lawyers often use the “abusive past” on women rather than on men - 1bii people who commit violence regardless of gender, will often have an abusive past - Because masculinity is already involved with violence, for women their violent past are likely to be noticed - The R. v. Lavallee, that womens violence are made hegemonic feministy - Lavalle shot her abusive part
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