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October 10 notes

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Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

- Feminist concentrate on reform not revolution ** - 3a they concentrated on sex and gender - The difference is that sex is biological and gender is a choice - Gender is culturally definition - Sex is male and female, gender is masculinity and femininity - Biological sex difference between male and female - Gender is the host of social, political an cultural and meanings given to the sex differences - Many babies are born intersex - Generally , there are distinguished characteristics , but intersexed who has reproductive and autonomy and don’t fit the female or male reproductive system - Intersex autonomy doesn’t show up with born, sometimes in puberty or problems with fertility - Western European doctors have not considered intersexed autonomy (attached to two genders, if intersexed people are worried) - Policy was to cut first then ask questions later (moto) - ^ In puberty however, can be very traumatic for them (suicide) - Women are better at caregiving then men supposedly, given girls kitchens, men are supposedly better at mathematics and science, but from childhood we discourage girls math and science, women are more interested in biology or examining their bodies - Simone de Beauvoir wrote the book called The Second Sex, 1949, “ One is not born but rather becomes a woman” - 3b the biology is destiny, women and men are born with social roles (women are emotional, men are tough) women are biologically are the only people that can give birth, this then makes them responsible for the children - 3c (video) process that continues into adulthood, largely depended by birth or chosen gender - It saying that men shave and get drunk, and women have to take of private and public sphere, and women are always so self-conscious to themselves, saying that women are valued at their attractive-ness, women still have to take care of children even if they have other things to do - 3d cisgender and transgender, cisgender are sometimes referred to as gender abnormities, many are considered cisgenderd (if you are a girl you are a girl,)and transgender are generally who’s gender identity do not correspond
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