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Theoretical Approaches

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Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

THEORETICAL APPROACHES The law in all its majestic impartiality forbids both rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets and to steal bread. —Anatole France (1844-1924) 1.The Role of Theory - One’s theoretical framework fundamentally influences the process of critic** a. attempts to make sense of the social and political world - change the world with law b. provides a foundation for action c. liberalism, socialism and conservatism as dominating social and political life for two centuries - arose in Europe and America 2. Conservatism and Contemporary Neo-Conservatism - neo means new - Conservatism doesn’t have a feminist equivalent a. on equality, inequality and hierarchy - conservatives do not understand that people are equal - Modern conservatives understand to have an equal worth b. role of aristocracy/higher classes - Because they are better than everyone - Better education, smarter, conservatives re conservative to modern conservatives, they believe that they’re to open - Conservatives would suggest that a person should be born live and die as their social position (eg born in farmer family, therefore you are a farmer) - People born with title will have a better life c. on women and women’s issues - conservatives believe men are logical by nature and women nurturing and passive by nature - Conservative issues is that it is threatening (birth control, lesbian parenting ) in a delicate society d. relationship of traditional conservatism and contemporary neo-conservatism - neo conservatism (neo=new) share that they are better, more civilized (law) and un civilized are criminals they share that woman rights threaten the social fabric (with traditional conservatism) - Neo-conservative are racist e.effects of “tough on crime” and “zero tolerance” policies - tough on crime agenda is basically exchanging hospital beds with prison cells - Zero tolerance including domestic violence - They don’t help women to get better (to go shelters social services) 3. Liberalism and Contemporary Neo-Liberalism a.on the individual - conservatives concentrate on society, liberalism starts with the individual - It is the dominant discourse in society - Liberals power and politics are done through elective representatives - They understand sexuality and etc. are irrelevant to society - It has faith in the law - It is the pre-dominant discourse is society b.relationship to “official version of the law” c. “negative liberty” v. “positive liberty” - negative liberty is freedom from interference from others (and state) - negative liberty: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, able to critic the gov’t, practice our faith, freedom organization, shouldn’t be penalized by the state** - negative liberty, no one should stop you from getting education (like women
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