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Anti-racist fem and masculinities

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York University
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SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

ANTI-RACIST FEMINISM: ON RACE, RACISM AND EQUALITY DISCOURSE White is a flesh colored band aid. —American political cartoon (1970) 1.Oppression, Privilege and the Social Construction of Race a.oppression as multiple, overlapping and interlocking - Brooks, Allen, Dixon v. Canada Safeway (1989) - ^ it was overturned, concerns with 3 women and denied of benefits due to maternity leave from Canada Safeway - Look at the illusion of feminism - Also suggest that multiple overlapping and interlocking of men of color - Have to integrated of all parts of who one is b. privilege as invisible to those who have it - white privilege, male privilege heterosexual privilege - Do not see whiteness as a race - Do not see that they have gender identities - White people are taught that white are not privilege c. race as socially constructed (like gender) - important aspect is that the idea of race like gender is a social construction** d. race and racialization as a process - it is a process and has to be produce and reproduced - Both white people and of color, white is a category has to be produced and reproduced in order to give it meaning - They do not see race as biological or cultural ** (how anti racist feminist believe) 2.Problematic Understandings of Race a. problems with understanding race as biological i. 19th century “scientific” racism - first biology, that biology is not destiny, and mean that many women can give birth - It is problematic and assuming race is biology, and doesn’t allow thinking of how race is socially instructed - 19 century, scientific racism and emerged in Britain, related to social Darwism, established that the white race is socially evaluated - ^ white middle men are the highest, then below that is English women etc - Provides understanding that race is biological, and racial hierarchy, and sets a stage for gender hierarchy - ^ sets the stage by the social and biological and caused by the poor people were biologically in fear of higher status b. problems with understanding race as cultural i. Rudyard Kipling, “White Man’s Burden” - deals with race as cultural - Very critical - Understanding race as cultural and assumes dominant race (white people) is normal and every other cultural is deviant ** - Go back to poem “ white man’s burden”, he was British, he proposes that white men have an obligation to rule over cultural people of different backgrounds, until they can take their place in their world as a western culture (British ways) - ^ imperialism is benevolent , race is not cultural but also a concept on how it relates to Canadian law today ii. reservation system - protect primitive people for their own people (aboriginal people) - ^ purpose for aboriginals to move out of the country iii. residential schools - set up in the 1960s force aboriginal people into Christian society - ^run by Christian churches and funded by the federal Gov’t and aboriginal children were taken from their family - The people running the schools were “ supposedly” helping the aboriginal children to be civilized c. understanding of race in equality discourse and litigation - relationship with race and violence 3. (De)Constructing “Normal” a. the mythical norm - the mythical norm, because we as Canadian society treat whiteness as normal b. film clip from BabaKiueria (Australia, 1985) - is a film about other cultures helping white people fit into society (like white people are seen as normal but now it’s the other way around ) MASCULINITIES AND VIOLENCE To recognize diversity in masculinities is not enough. We must also recognize the relations between different kinds of masculinity; relations of alliance, dominance and subordination. These relationships are constructed through practices that exclude and include, that intimidate, exploit, and so on. There is a gender politics within masculinity. —R.W. Connell (1944-present) 1. Understanding Gender (Beyond Basic Social Constructivism) a. gender as performativity (Judith Butler) - assumptions that boys will be boys - ^ Judith butler, a feminist “Gender Trouble” that it is a formality, everything we do is a gender performance - Intentionally performing gender b. importance of not ignoring embodied
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