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Sexual Violence

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

SEXUAL VIOLENCE (PARTS 1 AND 2) Virtuous women, like young girls, are unconsenting, virginal, rapable. Unvirtuous women, like wives and prostitutes, are consenting, whores, unrapable… One day they cannot say yes, and the next day they cannot say no. —Catharine MacKinnon (1946-present) 1. Overview of Sexual Assault in Canada a.reporting rates - Matt Logen (RMPC officer) said you have a 98% of getting away with sexual assaults - ^ reporting rates are very low, over 70% of women do not report assaults to police, estimate that sexual assault cases (10%) have been reported - 2008, only 1/10 women report sexual assaults - Women born in the last 30 years, have been born with the legal system with women rights, but previous generations of women did not have that - Vast majority do not result In convictions b.treatment of sexually assaulted women i. persistence of rape myths - many women fear they will not betaken seriously - The myths in caandian culture and system, play a role in court ii. Aboriginal women - all rationalized women (disabilities and etc) - Many women aboriginal leaders, say that those aboriginal women do not believe the police will provide the protection they require - CEDAW (nothing to report) do not to a good job in reporting sexual assults with girls - ^ very critical, and yet aboriginal women report 3.5 times than non- aboriginal women, and aboriginal women are five times more likely than non- aboriginal - The police do little to solve these assults (white middle class are taken more seriously than aboriginal women) iii.immigrant women without citizenship - many of immigrant women fear deportation iv. women with disabilities - women with disabilities, that Don says 40% of those women are raped, those women are likely to be raped based on trust - ^ they are likely not to report it c. conviction rates remain low i. women not believed; credibility questioned - rates are poor, and often many do not believe women ii. not investigated properly - if police do not care then case does not get investigated iii.higher burden of proof in criminal law - if there is reasonable doubt, then they will be sent to prision 2. Rape Myths a. rape myths as gendered, racialized and heteronormative mythologies - make women less likely to believe and police do nothing about it - Informed of gender inequality - Race and class mythology, that society assumptions will come to play b. some rape myths i. rape is impossible - if possible seems to be done by creepy stranger ii. rapists are always “creepy strangers” with weapons - involves presence by weapon - Women usually raped by someone they know iii. women want/“ask” to be raped - women “ask” to be raped - Engaged in behaviors, then she should be blamed - Eg: low cut top, date, flirt, made out, relationship iv. women and children cannot be trusted (e.g. John Wigmore on evidence) - John Wigmore 1934, women and children who are impure will make up rape stories v. rape is a sexual act - rape is power or dominance not sexual attraction - Men raised to be aggressive, obtain power, to entitled sex, maintain a hyper masculine interior, hegemonic masculinity becomes constructed vi. “no” means “yes” - man forces women, they believe women enjoy it vii. “no” is not enough - have to fight back or be blamed to be raped if they do not fight back - Wo
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