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Trans Masculinities and Femininities

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Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

TRANS MASCULINITIES AND FEMININITIES (PARTS 1 AND 2) It is fundamental that individuals have the right to define, and to redefine as their lives unfold, their own gender identities, without regard to chromosomal sex, genitalia, assigned birth sex, or initial gender role. —The International Bill of Gender Rights 1. Trans: A Review and Expansion a.cisgendered vs. transgendered - cisgendered are fitting into society norms (boys should act like boys, girls act like girls) transgendered are those who are physically boys, but mentally females (therefore they changed their sex/gender) - Gender identity corresponds at birth (have penis boy, vagina girl) b.trans identities as covering a wide variety of experiences - trans identities covers wide variety of experiences, discomfort and role expectations like cross dressing and going through procedure to change their gender c. Leslie Feinberg i. in relation to the contemporary meaning of “transgender” - the meaning of the term was influenced by Virgina Prince - Transgendered had not had surgery and transsexual has had surgery - Transgender is an umbrella term for Leslie (anyone willing to be interpreted by this term) - A movement did take part after this - Leslie is credited for changing the way of thinking or meaning of transgender ii.as “romancing the trans native”? - Problematic because she was “romancing” with a trans native - ^ originally pointed out by anthropology scholars and trans activists (Evan B. Towel and Lyna M. Morgan) - ^ they appropriate and provide that gender is multiple and how this is taken up is problematic - ^ since privileged whiteness and colour would not listen to their own voices ** 2. Language and the Social a.diminutive feminine endings - language relates to gender identity - Common to use diminutive feminine endings - Feminist Argued that all these occupations masculine normal and everything abnormal - ^ too cute b. gender-neutral occupations - difficult to think that women are “men” (since they are doing masculine jobs) c. Ms. - always depended on marital status, feminist argued that marital status has nothing to do with gender - Many trans gender scholars and activists have non-sexed language (Leslie is one of those people) this allows a broader range of expression, and Leslie prefers to be called “Ze” d.pronoun use - generally one who wants to be a good trans ally, good to not assume their gender 3. A (Brief) History of Trans Jurisprudence - concerned with trans jurisprudence and judicial anxiety about same-sex marriage - Concerned with validity of their gender (if they are women or men) - judges would rather recognize their preferred gender rather than assume - These cases were fixated a. early trans jurisprudence and judicial anxiety about same- sex marriage i. Corbett v. Corbett (UK, 1970) - this case (Corbett v Corbett) *** has been brought up constantly - Arthur Corbett, April Ashley and judge Ormrod, Arthur (cisgendered) married Ashley (trans who went through surgery) wanted it to be nullified (so he doesn’t have to pay for alimony/divorce - The judged determined that social appearance and gender identity is irrelevant - fixed at birth and cannot be changed by natural organs or surgery (the law should not view gender identity as relevant) - set a legal precedent for trans people ii.M. v. M. (PEI, 1984) - m. v. m. first reported trans case in Canada involved a husband who wanted nullity (not divorce) - ^ at the time of their marriage the cigendered women decided to transition to a man and be identity to be a man - The judge McQuaid, the law “stipulates that the capacity for natural, heterosexual intercourse, is an essential element and, if there exist a capacity with the physical element then the marriage is voidable - ^ he annulled the marriage (natural and
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