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York University
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SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

March 6, 2013 Finishing intimate partner violence 4e majority of these abuses were all dealt with in the family law not a criminal law 1983, three offences of assault were put in the law, and 2 parallel were put in the sexual abuse law Has three levels: Level 1 – simple assault (5 years in jail) Level 2 – presence of a weapon or bodily harm (10 years) Level 3 – aggravated assault {killing or wounding} (14 years) Physical assault isn’t necessary for assault to occur (must have threats or hints that they may harm people) Police can charge someone if there is a reasonable and probable cause that an assault have occurred Prior to 1983, had to have a witness or reliable witness or physical evidence (bruise) Most situations there are no witnesses (big change since 1983) Prior to 1983, it was common for no physical evidence or no reliable evidence In the 1980s, police departments started to change on how they dealt with intimate violence (where authorities have to be educated about physical abuse, why they should take it seriously) ^ intended to encourage women to call the police and show the public that the police take intimidate partner violence seriously Police forces still remain male dominated and sexism is still fairly high ^ Still in place today From 1983-1993, the assaults increased by 192% 4f Lavllee was in an intimate violent relationship ^ her spouse gave her a gun and told her to kill him or he’ll kill her that night, then she shot him in the back ^ she claimed it was self-defense therefore introduced BWS (battered women syndrome) Recognized the gender bias in self-defense (usually women) ^ this victimized women (since she has “BWS”) Instead of this being problematic its about individual women and she has this “problem” therefore she killed her spouse and puts the blame on her BWS = pathologize (instead of a larger social problem, it’s now “her” fault) and victimizes women Paid and unpaid labour 1 the three classic: pay equality, equity and sexual harassment 1a Marilyn (first female MP in New Zealand, and elected when she was 23) she Is also an economist ^ quite influential in the UN Cathy is a housewife from New Zealand and ben works for the military (from US) ^ she is economically enactive and currently unoccupied ^ ben is economically active, his work has value not like Cathy’s occupation as a housewife 1b cathy is working all day and longer than 8 hrs, she is not considered not working at all Clearly, shes active not considered economically not active Whereas ben is just sitting and waiting for the command for nuclear war, he is considered economically active and is paid (not like Cathy) 1c current minimum wage, that a stay-at-home mom (50hrs a year) would make $38,412.50 if they were to pay her Prior to WWII, there were a few women that participated in the paid labour market Often dissussions like these, (that are after WWI) confusion cause working class and women of colour have been working all their lives “pin” money would quit working after they got married ^ some women have always worked all their lives and these women were regulated in their occupation to have poor pay It changed after WWII since large # of men were compelled to join the military and there was a massive labour shortage, (since they needed weapons) so they compelled women to work ^ by paying them well, and national child care, where women can leave their children in decent daycare so they can work Initially, single women were compelled to jo
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