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York University
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SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

Wednesday March 20, 2013 For exam tip sheet: (check 21, and foundations p. 308-310) Reproductive rights part 1 1a reproductive right is abortion Its more than abortion The reproductive rights are the legal rights and freedoms relating to both reproduction and reproductive health Are assosiacted with women Rests on the reconiztion that both sexes to decide the spacing and timing of when to have children ^ the information of birth control and to have birth control is part of reprodive rights Reprodive health is the sexual and the health (include rights of everyone concerning reprodition and free from discrimination and violence) Since some people bomb and kill doctors who are aborting therefore not performing “reproductive rights” 1b right to legal to right and safe abortion, to have your fetus to removed against your will, right to qualitity health care, right to education and access 1c think about other issues like genetic testing (like if it’s a boy or girl) Selective abortion (if it’s a girl or has a physical disability) invetro infertalization, and if it belonged to a lesbian couple is the reproductive rights considered issues for today 2a idea that some people are better than others (due to racial characteristics) Social darwinsm, it applies dawriwism ideas (survival of the ittest) are applied in social community (therefore decided who is seen as “fit” in society) 2b Herbert Spencer, believed a heiarchy of people, simply better than other people White eurpoean men are seen as the highest form of people Good breeding since they can multiply the “fit” people 2c they were “ scientists” therefore “ scientific” work 2d idea that people look like they’re resemblece (your daughter has your nose etc) Relate to genetic to one sertain disease to another It meant (not physical characteristics) suggested that prosisitute (beget) therhefore your child will be a prostitute, and if your poor, your children will be poor (your poor because its in the genes, therefore, its passed down) People with disabilities, women with disabilities were seen with a “lesser body” and those who are not white or middle class (like aboriginal) were often seen as “disabilied” by their ‘degenerate” bodies 2e positive eugenics (those that “should” create) like restrictions on birth control for white middle class women, like in quebec white women should produce more white children Negative eugenics (those that should “ not” create) like the sexual sterilization acts {not producing anyone other than white} 3a eugenicists, since they were scientists and determined what is valuable (like crops and etc) why not determine which people are valuable It was supported by many academics at that time Like Medicine, social work, sociology, were justififing eugenicists The US were far more “ successful” at getting eugentics through (having eugencisits law)luckilty not as successful in canada 3b confined in institutions in the unfit members of society 3c this master race is the ideology from the Nazis the idea of a “pure” mas
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