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by Anu J
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Social Science
SOSC 1375
Olena Kobzar

SOSC 1375 3.0 Introduction to Socio-legal Studies Reading: Vago, Steven and Nelson, Adie (eds.). Chapter 3, “The Organization of Law” in Law and Society, 2010, pp. 59 – 88 The author defines several key terms that are important to the study and practice of law. Some of these terms include: dispute, adjudication There are three main types of disputes: private, public-initiated and public defendant. Private disputes include examples of tort law (personal wrongs committed against one another, such as an auto collision due to negligence) and criminal law (a murder) where initially, there is no involvement of public authority. The public-initiated disputes include wrongs/crimes in which a law that the government seeks to enforce has been breached. The public defendant dispute is one in which the government is the defendant and the citizens challenge the authority that they have. The author also outlines the organization of the court system in Canada, as below: TIER 1 Supreme Court of Canada Tax Court Federal Court of Canada Court Martial Appeal Court of TIER 2 of Canada (Appeals and Trial Division) Canada TIER 3 Provincial/Territorial Courts of Appeal Provincial/Territorial TIER 4 Superior Courts TIER 5 Provincial/Territorial Courts Justice of the Peace TIER 6 Courts Municipal Courts There are numerous specific provincial/territorial courts in Canada as well, including the Drug Treatment Court (introduced in ON in 1998), Domestic Violence Court (in MB, AB, ON and YT), and Youth Court.
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