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York University
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SOSC 1502
Amar Wahab

RavenSong Chapter 1 - No women on the boat pg 10 - Young women board the ship pg 10 - Wolf Women - Old Nora, North worthy for barrel pg 22 relief and resignation - Male physicality pg 13 - Human catastrophic pg 14 - White town funeral comparisons pg 15 - Everyone has a car in white town (class differences) pg 17 - “the lack of connectedness between white folks was difficult to express in her language” pg 17 - “Indian kids are just like this have rain, a little wild $ erratic” *g 17 - “white town evenly heated institutions” pg 18 (class differences, economic differences) Chapter 2 - Cultural beliefs established pg 26 - “She crossed the river every weekend to clean house or do laundry for wealthy white folk who paid her little” - Polly’s lack of chastity pg 28 - Lack of sympathy for Polly from white town, white town is heartless and unsympathetic to death - Natives are connected with culture and their loved ones - Polly killed herself for enjoying her bodies passion pg 10 - “Well look how they live. Three generations under one roof. It can’t be healthy. Please pass the salt “ pg 40 Chapter 3 - “Segregation between the other had her own people had as much to do with how her own…..” pg 43 - Parochial refusal of change - “the ban had been lifted…..” pg 44 - White people = no patience - Flu epidemic begins pg 45 - “Canadian naturalization of papers” pg 46 - Government jobs = always white people - Hospitals = death to aboriginal people - Fascism pg 53 Chapter 4 - Culture= work together & heal one another pg 56 - Stacey wanted to build a school in her village - White people and life pg 61 - Adulthood vs. innocents. Chapter 5 - White people “discretion” pg 64 - No sympathy for death by teacher pg 65 - White mans authority against Indian authority - Box car individuals institutionalized - “equal rights for Indians was rife with challenge to white folk” pg 69 - Hierarchy to care - Indians don’t marry white men - “no girl who is loved at home would go out looking for sex” Steve pg 71 Binary - Green lizard = human disruption pg 73 - Stacey’s power to dismiss authority & male power Chapter 6 - Cultural differences pg 86 - Sexism pg 77 - Customs “being policed” pg 77 - “men owned the property in white society” - Union of the wolf clan - Flu is curable pg 83 - Dominic & Jim die Chapter 7 - Ned (jims twin) comes to the village, replaces Jim - Carol talks behind Stacey’s back to Steve pg 89 - Stacey accepted to UBC – Power achievement Chapter 8 - Ella was telling Stacey not to go to the city because it was dangerous pg 61 Chapter 9 - Gender differences pg 100 - Momma is going to marry Ned - Ned: Strive for a white man life - Jim: Quieter less ambitious pg 101 - No children, wife could get divorce pg 101 - Ned is Stacey and little jims father - No one in the village new of this - Momma viewed as old, used up etc pg 103 - Momma & Polly’s immoral behaviors – same women (momma would have died in the white world pg 106) - Steve stops trying to pressure Stacey and spends time with Ella Chapter 10 - Young Jim just turned 13, settling into manly duties, habits etc pg 108/109 - Stacey spends time with Rena and German Judy - Phones not used in the village pg 112 - Stacey would not end up like Polly or other poor white waifs’ pg 112 - White world assumptions pg 112 - Absence of knowledge on the white world pg 113 Stacey - Equal by lack of knowledge of both worlds (white and Indian) - Stacey compares herself to white town, and Rena’s home: Rena doesn’t like this pg 116 - men did not join in, in the discussion of women pg 116 - Momma engages in conversa
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