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9. Gender segregation – what is it, why is occurring and what can be done about it? 1. Horizontal Segregation • Men and women do different jobs in different occupations, industries, or sectors • Job opportunities determine an individual’s living standard, future prospects, and overall quality of life • Dominant social values about feminity and masculinity have long been used to define job requirements • One a job was labeled male or female, it was difficult for workers of the opposite sex to gain entry • gender socialization o Men and women choose their job based on the stereotypes of the society  Ex. women feel like they fit into certain jobs better than others because of social views (example nurses and teachers) o A combination of gender-role socialization, education, and labour market mechanisms continue to channel women into a limited number of occupations in which mainly other females are employed • Job ghettos (bad pay, no chance of moving up) • precarious jobs (part-time) • WOMEN o in job ghettos lack ready access to the more challenging occupations dominated by men o Traditional values defined female roles as childcare and homemaking o education: women are now getting access to equal education, it wasn’t like this before  For instance, by the late 19 century, social work, teaching, nursing, and domestic work were socially acceptable • MEN o Male segments of the labour market operate as shelters which restricts entrance 2. Vertical Segregation • There is a divisions of task, status, and responsibility within an organization, with the men having great authority and better pay (women face subtle barriers to advancement) • They sometimes call vertical segregation the “glass escalator” which refers to
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