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China Shakes the World NotesChapter one The story of ShenShen buys one of Germanys largest steel mills during a recession in Germany in 2000The plant is uprooted from its home in Horde and planted in The Chinese used to be looked down on by the Germans but the 1000s of Chinese Workers that disassemble the plant in just 2 years impressed them Chinas hunger for steel was so strong that manhole covers were disappearing all over the world in 2000There are many stories of Chinese men going from going poverty the rich just like ShenShen bought a British steel forge on a gambleChairman Deng went on the southern tour in 1992 and asked China to be a little bolder go a little faster faster faster as if to rally the people China of to taken more investment risksChapter two ChongquinOf course with progress there was also the human costs Smog cost and polluting pollution are choking the life out of the labor force Billions of tones of raw sewage are poured in into Chinas rivers The gap between the rich and the poor has expanded at an exponential rateCompared to Chicago in the 1900s Chongquin is growing at 8 at times the population rate through migration at 300000 people a year Urban centers like Congquin are also like planning their infrastructure like America they plan to build massive highways Hughes to link parts of their city and better facilitate trade for its businesses The West always had a fascination with Chinese porcelain and it was Chinas main export until the West figured out how to make their own porcelain Although in the past the Chinese were technologically more advanced than many other nations many hypotheses exist as to why China did not develop further on the technological edgeOne the rigidity of the Imperial examination process of intellectual energy into literature may have neglected the sciencestwothe exponential growth in population made it cheap to hire workers thereby inhibiting the development of laborsaving machinery 37three the deforestation of Chinas land could not provide an adequate energy source for industrial machineryfour regular military campaigns along Chinas northern border prevented funding on researchfive the Chinese government blames its loss of technological prominence to the opium warsThe work of Angus Madison claims that Chinas lead on technology and economic power declined long before the 18th century The Chinese economic output of the 1400s gave each Chinese citizen in average earning of 500 each per year a bit higher than the European average of 420 a year In the 1800s the Western Europeans began the Industrial Revolution and earned an average of 1034 a year by a 1950 the Western European earning 4902 each Although the Europeans greatly improve their own condition Chinas average earnings per citizen remained stagnant at around 430 because it only traded within its own borders 3839 willp32 Sun Yatsen made a speech to build a massive dam across the Yangtze river The three gorges dam was built six times as long and eight times as powerful as the hover dam to provide power The dam also created a river trading route for cargo ships upriver from Nanking to Chongquin reducing the cost of transport freight transport by 90p40 Although the labor force of China is paid the equivalent of the first industrial revolution people are still drawn to the factories to escape the poverty of rural life unlike Canada where everyone is equal Chinas social structure still has a heirarchy Those living in rural China live by a point system for food and dont have money they are seen as the peasant class Education parents for their children is seen as goal for most migrant parents because the gap created by class and money is by those who work with their hands and those who work with their minds Those with money see the need to show their wealth and class by buying high prices goods like houses cars and electronics For Chinese women this is especially important because they are treated as trash by their families and are constantly locked in a class fight for power and statusChapter three China the land of numbersWith 13 billion people China has a fascination with numbers Sequences of numbers make up common sayings Officals are graded by numbers and can recite them at will Foreign entrepreneurs see China as a giant market but are heartbroken to learn that the market is protected and already saturated by competitorsThe emperor of China was connected with the heavens and when there was a drought it was seen as heaven by taking away their grace from the emperor People were seen as mouths to feed and with every emperor drought inspired Chinese revolution the emperor had to strike a balance with the higher and lower class for land use usually only making small changes Chairman Mao on the other hand saw no authority with the higher class or heaven so he had two million land owners slaughtered Mao encouraged population growth and ignored population theory by the time Mao died in the population grew by 325million and China was beginning to reconsider population theory In 1980 China had begun the one child policyBecause of Chinas complex history with population it has become a country of paradoxes
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