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John Hutcheson

Monsters of the marketby David McNallyChapter 1 Dissecting the laboring body Frankenstein political anatomy and the rise of capitalismThe dissection of the human body after hanging was the last act of oppression that peasants would not allow on moral grounds Often surgeons was still get their way protected by the lawThe riot at the gallows was one of the most distinctive features of social life in eighteenthcentury London without parallel in any other European city Its uniqueness signalled three things widespread contempt for the law an insurgent culture of resistance and a deeply felt anxiety about the integrity of the labouring body20 Much ostensible crime was perceived by the lower classes as simple defence of longstanding rights as survivalstrategies sanctioned by centuries of custom Stealing poaching and smuggling from the parks and forests of the richmany of them once sites for the exercise of common rights such as hunting fishing and gathering of wood berries and herbswere routinely celebrated 21Throughout most of recorded history the majority of human beings have lived as peasants organised into familyunits whose members work the land collectively usually along patriarchal lines and share resources within the community 37The subsistence of people in such rural societies was largely secured therefore without recourse to the market Because a
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